Next-Level Immersive Design Experience with VRED

Pascal Seifert
Pascal Seifert April 15, 2020 2 min read

User-centered interface design increasingly gains importance in modern mobility- and product designs to provide sophisticated experiences for the end customer. Looking at advanced display technologies and the growing possibilities for human-machine interaction, Autodesk wants to ensure that users are able to create a fully interactive product experience. Therefore, it is more important than ever to enable also designers and decision makers to get a highly realistic and fully immersive experience of their products in the early stages of the design process. Not only to integrate advanced technologies like augmented reality (AR) seamlessly into the design concept, but also to be able to explore which technologies can enhance the user experience in which way.



With VRED 2018 we have introduced our Media Editor using Qt´s WebEngine technology to visualize & interact with HTML5 content within a VRED scene. This opened complete new possibilities for visualization artists and UX/user-interface designers to collaborate and explore together new possibilities in the early design process.

See how Porsche uses VRED to create highly immersive design reviews

Learn more about the possibilities on how HTML5 can be used to create user-interfaces in VRED 

VRED & Qt Quick

The VRED Media Editor paved to way to work closer together with HMI industry leaders like The Qt Company to see how different technologies can work together to provide a full product experience. With the release of Qt 5.12 The Qt Company introduced WebGL streaming for Qt Quick applications. This means in practice that Qt Quick applications can run in the background or on a remote host and render its GUI in a local web-browser and therefore in VRED.

Autodesk and The Qt Company joined forces in Summer 2019 to showcase their collaboration and the interconnection between VRED and Qt Design Studio at Qt World Summit Berlin, Tokyo and at CES Las Vegas.

With VRED 2020.2 we have added a small QtQuickStreaming plugin to make the workflow easier and more seamlessly for Qt Quick applications that are compiled into a standalone executable.

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Interested in learning more and want to build your own Qt Quick application for VRED?

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