Tobias France: Automotive Sketch to Render in SketchBook

Colin Smith
Colin Smith April 24, 2020 1 min read

Tobias France of Bias Design is back again with a time lapse of his sketch-to-render journey. 

In this video, Tobias demonstrates his process of turning a fun doodle into an elaborate rendering inspired by the GT40 Shelby Daytona Coupe. From cleaning up his sketch, to laying on base colours, adjusting structure, and adding highlights, Tobias shows his work from start to finish.  His commentary provides insights into his process and methods using Sketchbook, while he also gives great tips for designers from how to set up proportions, to how to create a realistic rendering from all angles.  


Tobias France graduated from the Cleveland Institute of Art and has built his career as an exterior designer for Ford Motor Company, a key creative designer for Mazda in Japan, and is now a senior exterior designer for Hyundai in Southern California.

If you like this video, you can check out more of Tobias’ work with Sketchbook here.

For more information on Tobias: 

Youtube: Bias Design  

Instagram: @TobiasFranceDesign

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