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A Creative Digital Pipeline with Alias, VRED & Shotgun

Brandon Tasker
July 23, 2020

On Wednesday July 22, Phil Botley, Lukas Fäth and I (Brandon Tasker) hosted another Car Design News webinar, where we shared our vision of a digital pipeline using Autodesk tools.

The three of us often talk about our tools independently—we know, and like to share, the individual strengths of Alias, VRED & Shotgun. But this time, we focused on the phases of a typical project, going through design and into engineering to show you how Autodesk’s tools can save time and reduce overhead. Think of this as leveraging our technologies in a “creative pipeline.”

What this Webinar Covers

During this journey, we touch on the usual phases: design/styling, the clay and milling process, class-a and vehicle production. During each phase, we show you how all the tools play a role in that particular phase, and we give you innovative ideas to work more efficiently and effectively.


Learn how Alias can drive your concept exploration, how you can quickly visualize these concepts with VRED, and how all your deliverables and milestones can be organized and kept on track with Shotgun.

Clay & Milling

Leverage Alias to create a “digital twin” for your clay model. Take advantage of VRED technology to visualize colour and materials and to imagine how users will interact with surfaces and components. And, finally, form an automated and simplified hand-off of data and requirements between all of these departments using Shotgun.

Class-A to Production

We end with a dive into Alias’s powerful surfacing tools to rebuild styling data and prepare it for surface release. We then use VRED’s best-in-class raytracing capabilities to visualize your vehicle surfaces and become the “master model” for the studio. At the end of this process, we keep you on track with all the moving parts and revisions using Shotgun to collaborate on work, capture all the review feedback and aid handoffs to engineering.

Watch the recording here:

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Brandon Tasker

Brandon Tasker is a Product Manager on the Automotive and Conceptual Design Team at Autodesk. He comes from a classic animation background working in film, TV and VFX where he leveraged technology to solve the biggest workflow challenges facing fast paced creative projects. Currently Brandon is a Product Manager for Shotgun, with a sole focus on the automotive design studio space.