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Autodesk University 2020 – Alias, VRED and Shotgun

Thomas Heermann
November 5, 2020

Autodesk 2020 is happening November 17-22. With being completely virtual and free his year, it is a great opportunity to dive in and take advantage of the long list of classes, keynotes and presentations – without the hustle of traveling. There is no cost to attend AU 2020, but registration is required to participate.

  • Tune into the live broadcast of our general session, industry keynotes and theatre talks starting at 9 am Pacific Time on November 17
  • Days 2-4 are about community learning from experts, including classes, live panels, round tables and Q+As

Following a curated list of live classes and on demand sessions, related to our offerings for the agile Design Studio including Alias, VRED and Shotgun, as well as they main keynotes and briefings. Best to use the class navigator and search for your product or area of interest to get the most complete list.

  • 江淮汽车基于DYNAMO的参数化设计应用实践分享 Alias and DYNAMO-based parametric design best practice Wednesday, November 18 at 04:30 (UTC)
  • Subdivision Modeling: Deep Dive with Alias 2021, Wednesday, November 18 at 22:00 (UTC)
  • Deliver Engineering-Grade Light Simulation to Studio Designers (VRED and Ansys) Thursday, November 19 at 10:00 (UTC)
  • The Art of Surfacing Thursday, November 19 at 11:30 (UTC)
  • Concept Modeling: Spaceship Interior Thursday, November 19 at 15:30 (UTC)
  • Procedural and Automated Workflows in Alias for Automotive Friday, November 20 at 11:30 (UTC)
  • Class-A Modeling: Deep Dive with Alias 2021 Friday, November 20 at 21:00 (UTC)


Available on-demand:

  • Customer Arrival on Digital Design Process with Alias and VRED
  • How Autodesk Can Streamline the Automotive Clay Studio Workflows
  • Cloud-Based Design Review in High-Quality Real-Time Rendering
  • Advanced Automotive Workflows with Shotgun
  • Alias and VRED for Heavy Machinery Design
  • Alias for Industrial Design
  • 用 Alias & VRED 打造新颖的前期设计作品.   Use Alias ​​& VRED to create novel design works ·      Alias & VRED 虚拟现实协作 Alias ​​& VRED virtual reality collaboration
  • Alias Procedural and Automated Workflows for Industrial Design
  • Virtual Design Reviews in VRED Using Ray Tracing and Remote Collaboration
  • How Autodesk Can Streamline the Automotive Clay Studio Workflows
  • Get More Out of Your Engineering Data by Visualization
  • Alias and VRED for Heavy Machinery Design
  • 製造業と建設業における3D活用の融合「Inventor+Revit+VRED
  • VR技术在主机厂研发流程中应用 Application of VR technology in the R&D process of OEMs
  • Alias Road Map
  • Alias 2021 and Alias 2021.2: What’s New


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Thomas Heermann

Driving Purposeful Innovation, Thomas is associate Vice President in Autodesk's Design and Creation Products Group, responsible for the Automotive and Conceptual Design products including Alias, VRED, Shotgun in the Design Studio, SketchBook Pro and Project Sugarhill. Based in Toronto, Canada.