Ford’s Realtime Design Review a conversation with the team behind the scenes

Robin Oldroyd
Robin Oldroyd December 15, 2020 1 min read

Back in May, when the world was deep in the grips of the Covid crisis, Car Design News and Ford shared a look into their virtual design review process, which Lukas Faith reviewed in June on the Design Studio Blog. Since then, we have been working with the Ford team behind the scenes, to gain insight into their use of Autodesk VRED to support their Design Review process.

Following this, I was able to have a chat with Stuart Robinson (Concept CAD & Visualisation supervisor for Europe, based in Dunton, UK) and Jordan Beckley (Global Training, Software Process & Project Management of New Tools and Technologies based in Michigan, US).

Stuart and Jordan were involved behind the scenes in the Car Design New live stream, and they run the day-to-day design reviews using the same technology. In our conversation, they share how they use Autodesk VRED for collaborative design reviews across many geographic locations. We discuss how their process has changed, setting up a collaborative design review, the technology they use, how they have deployed it, and the practical day-to-day process.

How to get started with VRED Virtual Reality

Please take a look at the enclosed AU class Empower Your Design Visualisation with VRED–it takes you right from importing data to switching into VR.

If you have models in VRED Design or Professional already, then you can jump to 32:35 for details on how to prep and optimise a model and go into Virtual Reality in a couple of minutes.

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