Agile Design Studio Keynote – AIF 2021

Blake Avery
Blake Avery April 28, 2021 1 min read

What’s the future of automotive design? We dove into it at our 2021 Automotive Innovation Forum.  

Marek Trawny takes a look at how digitization has been changing the design studio process, offering more flexibility and broader, deeper collaboration for design teams. How can you be as efficient as possible, maximizing your available time and resources to really compete? 

Marek explores how to achieve more and faster design iterations through Alias’s SubD modeling and Dynamo integration, access accurate design visualization through VRED’s real-time and immersive rendering so you can make informed decisions anywhere and anytime, and anticipate your project and team needs with Shotgun’s comprehensive overview of everything that happens in your studio. 

Here are some key takeaways: 

  1. Quality and innovation are key factors in differentiating your designs—Alias and VRED offer you the tools and features to heighten your quality and increase your innovation. 
  1. The need for speed: this last year has accelerated the time pressures we were already navigating. Our mission is to help you overcome this intense and constant challenge through our Agile Design Studio. 
  1. We’re bringing our apps and tools together for a more streamlined workflow, deeper collaborations, and automating as many steps as possible in the design process.  

This overview of ACD’s Agile Design Studio sets the stage for our product features and deep dives..  

Stay tuned for additional product demonstrations, deep-dive videos and best practices that you can watch on demand.  

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