Tutorials Series: Learning Python with Autodesk VRED

Lukas Faeth
Lukas Faeth April 28, 2021 1 min read

Python scripting is a very powerful tool to extend VRED`s standard capabilities, customize it towards your needs and integrate it into your existing systems and pipeline.

To enable more people to work with Python and VRED, learn about its potential and specialities we have worked with Christopher Gebhardt to create a series of Python tutorials for our #Autodesk #VRED Products. Please find the first episode with a basic intro to our API and the provided resources and examples below:

We will release one episode on our VRED youtube channel every Monday. Each of them will have a seperate topic including the corresponding python script to download in the description below the video.

Make sure to subscribe to not miss any of them.

We are eager to see what you will create with our Python API and would encourage everybody to share their own projects and results on social media using the hashtag #VRED so we can inspire each other what is possible!

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