2023 releases: Alias and VRED out now!

April 18, 2022

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Alias 2023

Welcome to another release of Alias.  In this release, a lot of work was done in the area of conceptual design with SubD modeling.  A huge enhancement was in the area of automation, where the Reform tool takes any scanned mesh data and converts it to a SubD model, making for much faster design iteration. 

Further work on computational design with new Dynamo scripts … as well as a new reworked round tool and other enhancements focus effort around speeding up the time it takes to do certain tasks, leaving more time for creativity and innovation.

See all the new 2023 improvements in the video below:

You can also find more technical information about the release here

VRED 2023

One major change to VRED for the 2023 release was the decoupling of the Material Editor. What this does is provide a full Python API access to the materials library, providing a lot more efficiency, accessibility, and flexibility, together with several other features. 

Other improvements for this release include improvements to environment handling and VR.

See all the improvements in the video below:

For more technical information about the release, click this link

For a recap of the 2022 and 2021 releases … please check out our newly updated product center pages for Alias and VRED

The Alias and VRED 2023 versions are available for download from your Autodesk Desktop App.

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