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Stefan Strohm
Stefan Strohm April 19, 2022 3 min read

As part of our commitment to providing users with the best training tips and resources, we asked Stefan Strohm, Senior Alias Expert and Trainer, to share his introductory SubD tutorials.

Why Alias SubD Modeling?

Alias SubD Modeling is relatively new and it allows a completely new workflow in the design process. Designers and CAS-Modelers can work in the same software environment now, which means no data transfers between different formats and software packages.

An Alias SubD-Geometry is always a surface model. This is why you can directly interact with given package geometries. You can use a hybrid modeling approach with SubD surfaces and Nurbs surfaces in one model.

Small car in side profile with visible geometry modeling.

This modeling is easy to learn, with a limited number of tools. And the workflow can be learned in just a few days.

This collection of beginner tutorials introduces you to SubD modeling and helps you get used to using it in your workflow. There’s something for advanced Alias users, too, so we invite you to check out the videos below.

Fiat500, Part 1: SubD workflow for basic exterior modeling

Learn how to use the Alias SubD workflow to create a basic exterior model of a car. You’ll learn most of the Alias SubD commands necessary for this workflow. I begin by specifying the wheel arches and the sidewall, then I create center-section surfaces like hood and roof. Finally, I connect them.

Fiat500, Part 2: SubD hybrid modeling workflow

This video provides an overview of the Alias SubD hybrid modeling workflow (using SubDs and NURBS), which is unique to Alias. You’ll learn how to:

Fiat500, Part 3: Changing shape, adding details, 3D sketch modeling

Here we go over how to change the shape of an existing Alias SubD model using Lattice Rig. From there, we add in details like the emblem by mapping it with Conformer Rig on the surfaces of the model. Finally, we’ll explore 3D-sketch-modeling on the existing SubD-model. This is where I project my 2D-sketch on the model first and start then to model it.

Fiat500, Part 4: SubD door handle

Want to create a door handle? This video shows you how to do it using a simple Alias SubD layout with the Retopology Tool. Add some Nurbs curves and bevels to give the Model its final shape. As a bonus: you’ll also learn about SubD Extrude and how to create a surface fillet between two separate SubDs.

The Retopology Tool: Speed modeling a VW Beetle

And last, but not least: we go deep into the new Retopology tool. I create an Alias SubD surface model using an underlying low poly model of the Volkswagen Beetle to show all the interactive possibilities of this new tool.

Stefan Strohm

Stefan Strohm´s passion for Alias started way back in the “Jurassic Era” of Alias, when computers used to be magenta or cyan and the “Alias Power Animator” was a common tool at ILM. Nowadays he is a lecturer at Reutlingen University and teaches Transportation Interior Design Students in Alias/VRED and VR. He also provides Onsite and Online Alias Trainings for Automotive Companies and is working for the Customer Support Team EMEA of Autodesk.

Yes, there will be more on SubDs and other Alias and VRED training resources! Bookmark the Autodesk Design Studio blog to access these videos as they’re released. You can also subscribe to our VRED YouTube channel and follow us on Facebook.

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