3 reasons to register now for Autodesk University 2016

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Each year Autodesk University (AU) provides engineering and design professionals from a wide range of industries to come together for three days of customized career development, exploration, peer-to-peer networking and more. This year, AU 2016 will be no exception.

Held at the famous Venetian in Las Vegas, AU 2016 will run from Tuesday, November 15 through Thursday, November 17 and will feature over 800 classes, nearly 850 speakers and over 150 exhibitors. But while this can all seem somewhat overwhelming, we thought it would help to present 3 reasons to register right now.

1. Product Design
This year, AU 2016 will feature 83 product design-related courses. Whether you’re new to designing, a seasoned veteran, working for an engineering concern or are an entrepreneurial startup, you can customize your learning experience at AU 2016 to meet your own needs. New to Fusion 360 or Inventor? Try “Fusion 360 101” or “Back to the Basics”. Looking to implement generative design in your modeling? Choose one of three courses. For enterprise-level users and managers, there are offerings that cover the entire spectrum of the product design life cycle, from conceptual modeling to collaborative tools to case studies and even integration with other design products, including API development. And for those entrepreneurs in growth mode, there’s “Bringing Your Product to Life on Kickstarter” and “Funding Your Hardware Startup”.

2. Simulation
The most cost-effective way of evaluating any design is through effective simulation techniques, and the earlier on in the design process it is applied prior to physical prototyping, the better. This year, AU 2016 features 37 unique course offerings covering topics like stress and fatigue, thermal cooling, failure analysis and moldflow. If you’re a designer and work with AutoCAD, Inventor, Fusion 360 or Revit, there are classes on fatigue analysis using Finite Element Analysis (FEA), up-front simulation, modeling preparation for analysis and CFD. If you’re into Moldflow, there are several offerings to choose from, including weld line optimization, achieving accurate part shrinkage, metal injection molding and resin transfer molding. Other simulation offerings include case studies, current research and certifications as well.

3. Manufacturing
AU 2016 will be providing 77 courses for manufacturing professionals dedicated to turning designs into reality, managing workflows and factory design. For machinists, there are numerous topics covering 3D printing, surface finishing, CNC programming and 5-axis machining. Materials-related workshops will focus on all major aspects metalworking, plastics, composites and lattice structures. For owners and managers there are sessions discussing supply-chain issues, additive manufacturing, robotics implementation and case studies. There will also be several sessions devoted to factory design including workflows, process planning, utilities, reality capture and layout.
Of course, there are many more reasons to attend AU 2016 this year. Whether you’ve never been to one before or you’re a regular attendee, there is something for everyone and no one leaves empty-handed. We know you will increase your own productivity and value.
So if you’re a business owner or need to convince your boss, we understand how crucial it is to be able to justify expenses so we recommend clicking here for cost calculators, letters, etc. You’ll be glad you did.

Looking forward to seeing you at #AU2016.

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