Autodesk Inventor what’s new 2022: Interoperability

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Autodesk Inventor what's new 2022: Interoperability

Autodesk Inventor 2022 includes new Interoperability capabilities to help connect design teams with manufacturing, Engineering and BIM.

Read the overview post to find out what else is new in Inventor 2022.

Export to QIF

What is ‘QIF’?

QIF (quality information framework) is an ISO and ANSI approved, open-standard, XML based CAD format.

QIF contains PMI (product manufacturing information) / 3D product definition and other metadata that is both human-readable and computer-readable for MBD (model-based definition) implementation.

Inventor 2022 export to QIF

Autodesk Inventor includes support for export to QIF 3.0

Click here to find out how to export QIF from the Inventor 2022 online help.

Click here to read ‘Autodesk Announces Support for QIF 3.0 in AutoCAD Inventor 2022’ on the QIF Standards website.

Export to JT

What is ‘JT’?

JT (Jupiter Tessellation) is an ISO-standardized ‘lightweight’ 3D visualisation file format. It can contain Mesh, Nurbs, PMI and metadata.

In Inventor 2022, JT file export support has been added to the Task scheduler, allowing you to automate the batch output of JT files from your Inventor designs.

Autodesk Inventor 2022 xport JT with task scheduler

Click here to find out how to export to JT from the Inventor 2022 online help

Send to Fusion

Fusion 360 (Sometimes known as ‘Inventors younger sibling’) is a web-enabled design and manufacturing platform.

Fusion has a lot of neat tricks that Inventor users may want to to explore.

Fusion design files are cloud hosted, and it isn’t straightforward to open an Inventor file in Fusion.

In Inventor 2022, this has been made easier with the ‘Send to Fusion’ command, which allows you to upload part files directly to Fusion (via your Fusion tam account) without needing to install desktop connector.

Click here to read Luke’s post on ‘Send to Fusion 360 in Inventor 2022:

Autodesk Inventor 2022 Send to Fusion

Revit Project file export

Furthering the work that has been done previously to help collaboration with Revit. We can now:

  • Export a Revit family (RFA) file from Inventor.
  • Reference a Revit project (RVT) file Into Inventor with AnyCAD.

New for Inventor 2022 is the ability to export a Revit project (RVT) file from Inventor.

By working in the context of the Revit project, around a shared coordinate system, we can now export an Inventor model as a Revit project that can be used for coordination and collaboration on our BIM projects.

Click here to read Paul’s post on exporting Revit RVT files from Inventor 2022:

Autodesk Inventor 2022 Export a Revit project (RVT) file

What do you think of interoperability in Autodesk Inventor?

How about the Factory design utilities or the product design and manufacturing collection?

Please click here reach out to us on the Ideas page.

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