Autodesk University Vegas 2019 – Celebrating 20 years of Inventor users with the best Inventor class track yet

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Autodesk University is always a great event for networking and learning, but 2019 is a special year for those of us who have been working with Autodesk Inventor for a while. In the fall of 1999, I was just starting my third month working for an Autodesk reseller in Cincinnati, OH. On a Thursday afternoon, I had just finished teaching a Mechanical Desktop class and headed back to my desk. A colleague of mine, Phil was listening in to conference call on his desk phone, using speakerphone mode (sigh…). My desk was right next to his, so I didn’t have much of a choice in terms of listening in 😊. While annoyed at first, my attitude quickly changed, as I began hearing about a new technology referred to as Rubicon aka Inventor R1. As the junior application engineer, I wasn’t yet in the need to know camp, but I heard enough to get super excited about the potential to learn another new CAD tool…… Fast forward 20 years and I am lucky to be part of the Autodesk Inventor team, then, more importantly, hundreds of customers and thousands of users I have engaged with since that first moment I learned of Inventor. Next week Autodesk University Las Vegas registration will open on the 7th, and you will be able to check out the 50+ Inventor classes in the catalog. Chris Hall, myself and the rest of the Inventor Product Management team is very excited about this year’s Inventor track, and we hope you will make the most of it. We hope to see you in Vegas to celebrate 20 years of Inventor and our incredible users. Have a look below for a sneak peek of the class titles ahead of the catalog going live.

Extra credit questions for a few random Inventor shirts/stickers……

·      When and Where did you first learn about Autodesk Inventor?

·      What release did you start on?

·      Which Inventor Workflow / Feature would you claim bragging rights vs your co-workers/peers on?  Or maybe a favorite feature. Engineer’s Notebook is mine, see image above for the time machine view 😊

Class title preview

1.    A Civil Engineers Guide to Navigating Inventor and the Infrastructure Parts Editor

2.    Single File, Kids! – Building Adaptive Assemblies in Inventor

3.    Simulating with Nonlinear Materials like Hyperelastic and Isotropic Polymer Material

4.    Inventor and AutoCAD Electrical Working Together

5.    Autodesk CFD & Inventor Nastran – best tools to design eco-friendly electric cars

6.    Inventor to Revit Family

7.    Inventor Sheet Metal From Start To Press

8.    Best Practices for Inventor & Revit Workflows

9.    The Mechanics of Motion Automation

10. Authoring & Publishing Custom Content for Inventor Professional

11. Ask the Inventor Developer

12. Hidden Secrets of Automating Drawing Using Inventor

13. Getting Started with Generative Design for Inventor Users

14. AnyCAD and the Exchangeability of Inventor

15. Inventor workgroups: 10, 100, 1000 users working together, worldwide

16. Saving time and reducing errors by automating designs with Inventor iLogic.

17. Factory Design Utility Workflow – From zero to hero

18. The virtual commissioning in the factory

19. Looking into the Crystal Ball: The Future of Autodesk Inventor

20. Ask the Inventor Product Manager Panel

21. No more Tutorials – Time for Real “Blank Sheet of Paper” Design Work with Inventor

22. Inventor: Back to the Basics

23. Getting the Most Out of Your Inventor Templates

24. Delivering an automated precision manufacturing facility for offsite housing product

25. Inventor Template Management through the iLogic API Looking Glass

26. CADZilla Returns!!! – Fighting (and winning) with Large Assemblies in Inventor

27. Finding the right fit with Autodesk Inventor Tolerance Analysis [Lab]

28. Finding the right fit with Autodesk Inventor Tolerance Analysis

29. Taking It To The Next Level – Drawing Automation with Autodesk Inventor

30. Let’s Take It From The Top – iLogic Best Practices and Fundamentals for Success

31. Preparing your Inventor and Fusion 360 3D models for use in AR/VR/MR with 3ds Max

32. Up and Running with Autodesk Inventor Nastran

33. Making the Content Center Do More for You!

34. Better machine design with Autodesk Inventor Design Accelerators

35. 60 Inventor Tips in 60 Minutes

36. It’s STILL All in the Details – Tips & Best Practices of Detailing in Inventor

37. Understanding the impact of changing the role of simulation

38. Inventor Nastran: Roadmap for Successful Dynamic Vibration Analysis

39. Leveraging CAD skills for effective design simulation

40. TMT Journey to the stars

41. Inventor migration from previous releases. All steps for optimal success!

42. Choose Your Own Adventure – Inventor

43. Get your Welders and Designers Connected (20+ Tips on using WELDS in Inventor).

44. Process Modeling: Key to Factory Layout Optimization

45. Supplementing Your Designs with Inventor CAM and Inventor Nesting

46. Getting Through the Pain to See the Gain

47. Designing for Manufacture. OR Keeping the Production Team Happy

48. How to leverage Inventor MBD and become a success

49. To the moon and back – Mesh to Solid with PDMC

50. All you do in one platform- CAD to Nesting to CAM in Autodesk Inventor

51. Automate Product Configuration and CNC-Machining with Inventor CAM and Fusion 360

52. Process Modeling essentials for Industry 4.0

53. What to Automate: Assessing Automation Projects with Examples

54. Applying Integrated Factory Modelling at the automotive start-up e.GO Mobile AG


Written by Kevin Robinson

Go To Market strategy, planning and execution for Autodesk Inventor and Product
Design & Manufacturing Collection.

Kevin Robinson

Go To Market strategy, planning and execution for Autodesk Inventor and Product Design & Manufacturing Collection..... Former user, trainer, helpdesk, demo guy, sales guy of Autodesk CAD/PDM/PLM technology.


  1. Avatar

    Looking forward to AU!! It would be cool if the CAM & Nesting team gave Inventor a few birthday presents.

  2. Avatar

    Darn, I wish I was signed up for AU now. I started using Inventor in Fall of 2002, I think it was version 5. I was teaching a Mechanical Desktop class and I said, "We'll look at this new Inventor thing, but I don't know..." A few weeks into the semester we abandoned MDT and never looked back. I've made my "home" in the Dynamic Simulation Environment of Inventor, it is a lonely place to be. Finally got you guys to change such that going into DS environment doesn't trigger Shaded even when I had set to Shaded with Edges in assembly environment. Now if I could just get you to add a tool for distance between points... I don't think the power of this environment has been recognized in the field of engineering education - most educators still using 20th century techniques to teach mechanisms. Autodesk could have owned this world.

  3. claudio.ibarra

    I started with Inventor in 2007 with Inventor 2008, I think. It may have been R11. My workflow bragging rights? Using user parameters and iLogic for flexible multi-body part modeling. I don't think my company will be able to send anyone to AU this year, but I can't wait to watch many of these afterwards. It would be easier to list the classes I'm _not_ interested in.

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