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Are you interested in learning more about what the Inventor team is doing for performance, interoperability, modern user-interface, and several other topics related to future updates?

Would you like to engage with the software developers and product managers who are responsible for these projects?

If your answer is yes, you should sign up to attend the Inside the Factory (ITF) Summit. The Inventor development team will showcase the functionality concepts and allow you to test them. You can engage with the product team to provide your feedback, which is key to the direction of future projects.  Remember that 68 of the major enhancements that were implemented in Inventor 2021 were requests by you.

This year we will be doing the entire event virtually through the Autodesk Feedback Community.  If you would like to attend, please sign up below:

Dates:  10/27 – 10/29

Register for this event (Eastern time zone)

Register for this event(CET time zone)

Note: There is no obligation for registrants to attend all sessions.



Q:  What is the Autodesk Feedback Community?

A:  The Autodesk Feedback Community is where you turn for opportunities to engage with Autodesk to provide feedback on our software, our services, and our offerings.  Formerly focused on being a beta portal, the Autodesk Feedback Community is now expanded to offer you additional opportunities to work closely with our designers, user researchers, and other product team members throughout the development lifecycle — including technology previews that are very early in the development process.


Q: How can I access the Autodesk Feedback Community?

A: There are two main steps.  Create an account on the Autodesk Feedback Community page.  Use your existing A360 login credentials or create a new account.  If you have already done that, then access the Autodesk Feedback Community page for Inventor users.  Find the entire answer from Chris Mitchell in the Inventor forum.


Q:  What are the ways I can get involved and provide feedback if I can’t attend the ITF Summit?

A:  Read the following blog article by Loren Welch about ways to make your voice heard as an Autodesk Inventor user.


Q:  Is Autodesk University taking place this year?

A:  Yes!  Autodesk University is 100% virtual this year and it is FREE to all attendees!  Click on the following link to register.


Jim Byrne joined Autodesk in 2013 on the design and manufacturing marketing team. Prior to joining Autodesk, Jim worked at a local reseller for 14 years selling and supporting CAD, Simulation, and data management solutions. He also has three years of experience in the industry as a machine designer.


Jim Byrne

Jim is dedicated to the success of our customers who use our technology to design, validate, and manage their intellectual property. He has over 20 years of experience demonstrating and implementing software solutions.

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