IM473673 Shorten Lead Times by Integrating Design Automation in Downstream Processes

IM473673 Shorten Lead Times by Integrating Design Automation in Downstream Processes

By Peter Van Avondt and Sven Dickmans

We are in the middle of a digital transformation and manufacturers are looking for ways to improve how they operate and deliver value to their customers. In that sense, we see that companies are moving to a configure-to-order approach, making their products modular and configurable.

Where in the past each customer order was designed separately, with a product configurator, every order is compiled from existing modules. The automated output of the configured product (quote, visuals, Bill of Materials) can be used in the downstream processes. This means a significant reduction in the turnaround time for lengthy processes such as quoting, planning, and engineering.

IM473673 Shorten Lead Times by Integrating Design Automation in Downstream Processes

The Autodesk Forge platform offers with the Design Automation API for Inventor a technology to build a web-based configurator, automating BOM, pricing, and 3D-visualization delivery. Besides that, Fusion Lifecycle offers the perfect platform for managing the business-wide workflows, like the management of downstream engineering, sales, and change processes.

Within our AU session it seems that we succeeded in inspiring attendees on how to combine both cloud platforms to accommodate this business processes.

We took our cloud data & process management platform – Fusion Lifecycle – and extended his workflows with additional services from our cloud automation platform – Forge – resulting a more efficient and integrated way of presenting product data, providing customers with a powerful configurator and shorten the actual lead times for Configure to Order processes.

Watch our class if you also want to get inspired…

IM473673-Shorten Lead Times by Integrating Design Automation in Downstream Processes

Click this link to watch the recording of the class and download the handout and presentation!

Class Description

With Autodesk Forge you can build online workflows and experiences around your design data, create, modify or read your data in web applications and create workflows linking Autodesk web applications to other enterprise applications.

Autodesk Fusion Lifecycle is a common platform for data, processes and deliverables across all business units. It is accessible to everyone, easy to use to meet various stakeholders needs and flexible to be adopted to customer needs.

In this virtual AU class we are showcasing how you can build a new customer experience using both technologies. We leveraged a portal which uses the product data stored in Fusion Lifecycle, integrates the design automation services and the viewer from Forge and finally gives the possibility to manage the configurations and RFQs in the downstream processes.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn about the possibilities of the Forge Design Automation API for Inventor.
  • Discover business-process capabilities of Fusion Lifecycle.
  • Discover the steps it takes to make an integration between Design Automation for Inventor and Fusion Lifecycle.
  • Discover a sample integration between Design Automation for Inventor and Fusion Lifecycle.


Peter Van Avondt | Technical Sales Specialist – Autodesk EMEA

Peter Van Avondt works for Autodesk as a Technical Specialist Data Management PDM/PLM in Northern Europe, based in Belgium. After graduating as a master in electromechanical engineering he joined an Autodesk channel partner as a technical consultant specialized in 3D CAD and product data management PDM. For the last 17 years he has built up a lot of experience in variety of Autodesk design tools as well as with Autodesk Vault and Fusion Lifecycle. In his current role he uses this wealthy knowledge helping Autodesk resellers, prospects, and customers to adopt and implement the Autodesk solutions across different industries including industrial machinery, pharmaceutical, architecture, engineering and construction companies.

Sven Dickmans | Technical Sales Specialist – Autodesk EMEA

Sven helps customers, prospects, and partners in achieving excellence of business process execution with cloud based PDM/PLM solutions from Autodesk. He also engages in developing new collaboration solutions using connected cloud services of Forge. Sven is part of Autodesk’s technical specialists’ team in Germany.


Paul Munford

Paul Munford is a laugher, dreamer, raconteur, CAD geek and Industry Marketing Manager for Autodesk in the UK. Paul's background in manufacturing items for the construction industry gives him a foot in digital prototyping and a foot in Building Information Modeling (BIM). Paul was a speaker at Autodesk University for the first time in 2012, and he says it's the most fun anyone can have with 250 other people in the room.

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