Inventor 2017 Top 10 from the IdeaStation

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What is the IdeaStation you ask? It’s were you submit and vote on new features, improvements and workflows for the next update or release of Inventor. Every year our product development team scours the IdeaStation to find the best and most popular ideas to implement. Inventor 2017 is no exception and here is a list of the top 10 user submitted to the IdeaStation.

#10 Easily locate and edit parent/child relationships of features. This allows you to view and easily edit upstream and downstream relationships right inside of the edit feature dialogue box.
Submitted by: Cadmanto

#9 How many time have you used abbreviations or acronyms to shorten columns heading? Inventor 2017 now supports text wrapping in column and table headers, allowing you to longest header if you choose do so.
Submitted by: Folda7

#8 Locate and open cross-part references right in side of the model browser. You can simply right click on the reference and open the referenced part or assembly directly.
Submitted by: Heathos88

#7 Have you ever wanted to pattern a feature but maintain the orientation? Inventor 2017 now allows you to maintain feature orientation in a circular pattern.
Submitted by:Curtis_Waguespack

#6 You spend a significant amount time in the drawing environment now you can open parts and assemblies directly from the parts saving you valuable time locating files.
Submitted by: mrattray

#5 Multibody part modeling is a power workflow for quickly developing designs in a single part file. You can now leverage pattering and mirroring across multiple bodies within a part reducing the number of features needed to develop components.
Submitted by: sbixler

#4 Creating complex patterns along a 2D or 3D path is now an option with a new sketch-driven pattern command.
Submitted by: HenkdeB

#3 Every time you wanted to make a component transparent in an assembly you had to do an appearance override, well those days are over. You can now make components in assemblies transparent just right clicking on the component, and select transparent from the pop-up menu.
Submitted by: crmayo

#2 Inventor 2017 now allows you to do cool old-school jagged line to display cut edges for partially sectioned components in section and detail views.
Submitted by: pierre_berube

Drum roll please…

And the #1 new feature: you can now create 3D PDFs of your designs right inside Inventor. 3D PDFs maintain model tree and properties information and allow for measure and markup making collaboration a snap.
Submitted by: stuarts and may other

Thank you to everyone that submitted ideas and voted for their favorites. Your input and interaction on the IdeaStation and the forums help us make Inventor better and better every release. Remember Inventor is releasing updates throughout the year, if you did not see your idea keep your eyes peeled in the next update and keep the ideas coming.

Check out the video to see them all in action:

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