Inventor 2024.1 What’s New


What has the Inventor development team been doing since we released Inventor 2024?  They kept the pedal to the metal!  It’s now 3 ½ months later and we’re excited to announce the release of Inventor 2024.1!  This point release is packed with 32 customer-driven enhancements that provide continued value to your subscription.

Watch the video below to learn more as James Krenisky demonstrates 25 of the enhancements.  Explore how we enhanced the user experience with the introduction of finish parameter filters, geometric text in flat patterns, and user guides for custom elbows. We also cover symbol support in notes, exporting all finish parameters, iComponent support for finish features and more!

Watch the entire video below or click on any link in the table of contents to go directly to the item that interests you. Also look at the additional resources at the end of this article to find ways to connect with the Inventor team and other Inventor users.

Inventor 2024.1 What’s New – YouTube Video

Table of contents

  • 00:53 Cancel Sketches
  • 02:12 Referenced Parameters
  • 03:04 Sweep Sketch Visibility
  • 03:48 Plane Display Names
  • 04:55 Remember “Heal Remaining Faces”
  • 05:24 Geometry Text – Flat Patterns
  • 05:53 Adding Participants
  • 06:43 Paste at Mouse Location
  • 07:29 Dropdown List
  • 07:58 Edit Constraints
  • 08:23 Finish Eye Dropper
  • 09:07 Export all Finish Parameters
  • 09:44 iComponent support for ‘Finish’ Parameters
  • 10:03 Finish Feature List
  • 10:36 Delete Origin Indicator
  • 11:16 DWG Border Control
  • 12:08 Illegal Table Characters
  • 12:58 General Surface Profile Tolerance
  • 13:33 Add/Delete Vertex
  • 14:01 Finish Node in iLogic
  • 14:22 Default Bend Radius
  • 14:44 T&P Circular Edges
  • 15:19 Self-Draining Style Warning
  • 15:51 Copy/Paste iProperties
  • 16:50 Mark Layers DXF/DWG

Additional resources

Inventor 2024.1 help guide – Learn more about the enhancements in Inventor 2024 and previous releases

Autodesk University 2023 – Register for AU 2023 coming up on November 13-15 in Las Vegas

Inventor feedback community – Join the Inventor beta community

Inventor Ideas – Submit your ideas and vote for enhancements to future releases of Inventor

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