MFG324048 Autodesk Inventor Nesting CAD & CAM in One Platform

MFG324048 All You Do in One Platform—CAD to Nesting to CAM in Inventor

Kelly, Ravi & Inchul’s Inventor Nesting, CAD & CAM class from Autodesk University Las Vegas 2019, is now available on Autodesk University Online. Click here for the Video and downloads:

MFG324048 All You Do in One Platform—CAD to Nesting to CAM in Inventor By Kelly Young

Autodesk Inventor Nesting can save us time and money by limiting the amount of remnant material that gets wasted. I would have loved to have this years ago. As soon as it was first released, I started to use it to find the capability and limitations.

In this class, the dataset we used was the arcade machine we created for our office. We created the arcade specifically for the nesting utility which turned out to be highly useful.

You can read more about the Autodesk Portland office’s Arcade machine project by clicking here.

We decided to aim this class at customers who know how to use Inventor but haven’t learned how to use the nesting module yet, aren’t aware of it – or who are having to turn to expensive third-party solutions.

We had a great audience on the day, who were enthusiastic and engaged in the topic. I was worried that the intro was a bit long, but it did seem to help people understand what applications nesting can be used for and what Inventor is capable of.

Autodesk Nesting dataset - the Portland Office Arcade Cabinet Dataset

Autodesk Portland Office Arcade Cabinet Dataset

We had some great questions on the day. In retrospect, I should have given the audience members a mic or repeated the question as it is hard to hear on the recording.

The feedback was positive, people seemed eager to get back and use the skills learned. There were many people that stayed after to ask follow up questions and were generally interested in the capabilities for nesting.

If I had the chance to run this class again, I would like to add more about the post-processing and Inventor CAM.

If you’d like to contact Kelly, Please tag him in your posts on the Autodesk Inventor Forum with @kelly.young

Kelly, Ravi & Inchul’s Inventor CAD, Nesting & CAM class from Autodesk University Las Vegas 2019 is now available on Autodesk University Online. Click here for the Video and downloads:


Kelly Young

Kelly YoungMy experience is primarily in manufacturing and design. I started drafting iron doors, gates, spiral staircases, and fire & water features. I became an engineer at an aerospace manufacturer of contacts and connectors working with Inventor 2010. Managed drawings for 53 screw machines, designed custom fixtures, multi-step drill bits, and specialty tooling. Worked for an iron entry door manufacturer with 80 welders. Moved them from AutoCAD to Inventor with parametric modeling and Vault revision management. Using Vault Copy Design led to streamlining of manufacturing, limited errors in plasma cutting, ensured proper fitment and allowed customers to visualize with 3-D renderings. I took a position as a Research & Development Designer. Joined Autodesk in June 2017 working out of Portland, Oregon.

Ravi Javia

Ravi JaviaRavi is a Product Manager at Autodesk. Ravi graduated from Stevens Institute of Technology with BE in Mechanical Engineering (concentration in robotics and mechatronics) and a ME in Engineering Mgmt/Systems Engineering. He pursued his interest in Advanced Manufacturing while working with Magestic Systems Inc. which was later acquired by Autodesk in July 2014. Ravi has developed his expertise in nesting, cutting, and fabrication while working with various customers.



Inchul Lee

Inchul LeeI’m a Technical Support Senior Specialist and a Team Lead in the Customer Success Organization at Autodesk. My expertise includes Inventor, Vault, AutoCAD, AutoCAD Mechanical, product installation / licensing and computer networking as well. Being in the technical support for over 14 years, I’ve been super passionate about helping our customers to be successful and productive every day by solving software problems and sharing best practices. Welcome to the Autodesk community and thanks for being our valuable customers.



Class Description

As a manufacturer of any product, you may like to turn your ideas into machined parts using a familiar interface. Manufacturing sheet metal models no longer have to be a difficult and challenging process involving multiple platforms. Using Inventor software as a single system, as part of the Product Design & Manufacturing Collection, you can complete the whole process with Inventor Nesting and Inventor CAM. With Inventor Nesting, you can optimize yield from flat raw material. Nesting studies also can be used to create and then update to reflect any changes to the design to optimize efficiency and reduce costs. After nesting, you can use Inventor CAM to create the computer numerical control (CNC) code that will ultimately turn Inventor designs into excellent finished parts. This class will share best practices for preparing your model, for using nesting to layout cutting patterns and minimize raw material waste, and for generating a toolpath for machining.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn how to prepare your models for nesting and machining using Inventor, Inventor Nesting, and Inventor CAM
  • Learn how to set up a nesting environment to successfully bring the models in Inventor Nesting
  • Learn how to generate a 3D nesting model to be used for Inventor CAM
  • Learn how to produce a toolpath for machining in Inventor CAM

Paul Munford

Paul Munford is a laugher, dreamer, raconteur, CAD geek and Industry Marketing Manager for Autodesk in the UK. Paul's background in manufacturing items for the construction industry gives him a foot in digital prototyping and a foot in Building Information Modeling (BIM). Paul was a speaker at Autodesk University for the first time in 2012, and he says it's the most fun anyone can have with 250 other people in the room.

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