MFG323330 Large Assembly Models – Getting Through the Pain to See the Gain

MFG323330 Getting Through the Pain to See the Gain

Donna and Craig’s Autodesk Inventor Large Assembly Model Management class from Autodesk University las Vegas 2019 is now available on Autodesk University Online.
Click here for the video, handout and presentation:

MFG323330 Getting Through the Pain to See the Gain – Large Assembly model management for Autodesk Inventor & Vault by Donna Lawrence and Craig Breckenridge

Oftentimes Autodesk Inventor large Assembly model performance is rated on individual workstation hardware and setup. The actual performance across a network is often overlooked and many variables contribute to end results.

In the presentation linked below, we take a look at some of those variables and how they can contribute to an efficient system. We make some recommendations based upon our experience with large (make that very large) Inventor models across a distributed network.

Of course there are so many things to consider we cannot make an all-encompassing recommendation but there is enough information to guide your own investigations.

MFG323330 Getting Through the Pain to See the Gain - Dynamic Structures Autodesk Inventor Large Assembly Management class at AU Las Vegas 2019

On the left, Subaru, Keck I and Keck II – Designed and Engineered by Dynamic Structures. The Nasa Infrared Telescope Facility is on the right.

Donna and Craig’s Autodesk Inventor Large Assembly Management class from Autodesk University las Vegas 2019 is now available on Autodesk University Online.
Click here for the video, handout and presentation:

Speaker Donna Lawrence

Donna LawrenceDonna Lawrence is Head of Information and Technologies for Empire Industries and its divisions, the largest being Dynamic Attractions. DA designs and builds amusement park rides and the world’s largest telescope structures like those on Mauna Kea in Hawaii. She provides strategic oversight of corporate-wide information technology activities.

Donna brings 30+ years of experience in the field of information technology, 21 years at Dynamic Attractions and has a diverse background in a corporate setting with extensive experience in overseeing the Information Services Technology division as well as sets IT direction and coordinates infrastructure and service delivery across the organization.

Donna is responsible for supporting enterprise applications, enterprise data, research support, overseeing user support, infrastructure, communications and information security. She has implemented and customized CAD including Autodesk products since 1998.

Speaker Craig Breckenridge

Craig BreckenridgeCraig is the Lead Designer at Dynamic Structures where he is supervising the design team on the Thirty Meter Telescope Enclosure. He is actively involved in developing the company’s approach to CAD Standards, Integration and Methodologies. He is helping coordinate the move to a Product Based Manufacturer from a Project Based one.

He has previously held the positions of Engineering Systems Manager and Drawing Office Manager. With over 40 years experience in manufacturing for everything from bridges and material handling to arenas and telescopes, he has a wide background to call upon when determining the best way forward with a design.

Craig works hard to ensure his experience, particularly in the field of astronomical equipment design is passed on to his younger co-workers in order to preserve it for future projects. An active participant in all things Autodesk, he remains current in the latest software products and willingly shares his views.

Class Description

Learn how to overcome technical hurdles such as large-model rendering. We’ll provide proven hardware configuration and software customizations for application (Inventor software, AutoCAD software, and Vault software) optimization, eliminating productivity decline and system crashes. This presentation will show software customization and hardware recommendations through Microsoft PowerPoint.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn how to eliminate productivity roadblocks encountered with large models
  • Learn about optimal hardware configuration
  • Learn about application customizations within Inventor, Vault, and AutoCAD
  • Learn how to identify system optimizations to prevent system crashes

Paul Munford

Paul Munford is a laugher, dreamer, raconteur, CAD geek and Industry Marketing Manager for Autodesk in the UK. Paul's background in manufacturing items for the construction industry gives him a foot in digital prototyping and a foot in Building Information Modeling (BIM). Paul was a speaker at Autodesk University for the first time in 2012, and he says it's the most fun anyone can have with 250 other people in the room.

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