What’s New: Autodesk Inventor 2019.1 Update 

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This week the Inventor 2019.1 update was released and is ready for download via the Autodesk Desktop App or your Autodesk Account. This update is laser-focused on user feedback and improving workflows in some of Inventor’s most widely used environments.

Frame generator and Content Center enhancements are great examples of where user feedback helped drive workflow improvements. Improvements were made to Frame generator operation previews, member selection, and property management. Combining multiple Frame Generator Inventor Ideas allows users to create, edit and manage their design better than ever.

In much the same way, Content Center was updated with Inventor 2019.1. The toolbar was refreshed to help users find commands more quickly and easily. What users will find when they select commands is that Content Center performance, searching and in-graphics location has been greatly improved. These improvements are applied to customers with local content, or those hosting their libraries in Vault.

Model-Based Definition & 3D Annotations are being used more and more by Inventor customers. As such, we have added additional functionality for those working with STEP 242 files and native Inventor files with MBD and 3DA. As part of our import improvements, you can now read in the graphical PMI data from STEP 242 files, so both the geometry and annotations are imported. If you need to share your models downstream with Shared Views or via the Autodesk Viewer, 3D Annotations are now supported as well.

What’s New highlighting has been added so that users can turn on badges in the ribbon to show per-release enhancements from Inventor 2016 to the 2019.1 update. Now users can quickly discover new functionality based on which release of Inventor they had been using before moving to 2019.1

This is just a quick overview of some of what is new with Inventor 2019.1. As always, you can get more details in the online help or see some more enhancements here.

Thanks to our customers who use Inventor every day and continue to provide feedback and submit Inventor Ideas. We hope you like the latest Inventor 2019.1 update.


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