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For Product Design and Manufacturing Collection subscribers, getting started with generative design just got easier.


On October 16, we enhanced Fusion 360 to a single product offering that includes ALL available functionality. This means that–with cloud credits–Collection subscribers can now access generative design features that were previously only available in Fusion 360 Ultimate. Note that the Fusion 360 entitlement does not include cloud credits.

What is generative design again?

Generative design enables engineers to generate up to thousands of valid design options by providing design parameters to their software tool. This cloud-based service employs machine learning to not only produce designs, but also performance analysis data that offers insights into how each design meet the given requirements.

To break this process down further:

  1. First the engineer defines goals and constraints including parameters such as materials, weight, strength and cost.
  2. Next, computer algorithms generate thousands of designs with performance analysis for each.
  3. Third, the engineer studies options, modifies goals and constraints, and–with the computer–identifies the optimal solution.
  4. Finally, the engineer fabricates the prototype by milling or 3D printing.

Same Collection, more capabilities

For manufacturers, generative design means you can explore exponentially more design options. Make previously impossible designs possible by pairing the complex, optimized shapes produced through generative design with advanced manufacturing technology (also available in the Collection). And let the software optimize for your preferred materials and manufacturing methods so you can focus your efforts on innovation.

The Collection offers a full range of tools to bring even the most complex product to life with one seamless, Inventor-integrated workflow. Now with generative design, you can deliver even better products–at lower cost and in less time.

Learn more about generative design

Dive deeper into generative design with these resources:

Are you excited about the new addition and want to get started? Head over to the Product Design & Manufacturing Collection page now and leave us any comments below for questions that you might have for what this means for you.

Learn how to get started with generative design here!

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