Working with mesh data in Autodesk Inventor 2017


How many times have you seen a great 3D model on-line, maybe a customer site or GrabCAD and it turns out it’s a mesh model? Or, you open an assembly that someone else created and when you look close you realize it grounded mesh model. Mesh model are great resources for any designer but they can have limited usage and value without significant heavy lifting. If you have ever run into any of these issues or others with mesh data I have great news for you, Inventor 2017 has tons of new tools for working with mesh data.

Here is a quick look at what you can do with a STL or OBJ file:

  • Import OBJ or STL geometry into a Part or Assembly model
  • Export geometry (solid, surface, or mesh) in OBJ or STL format
  • Create faces from selected mesh facets
  • Add work features associated to mesh geometry
  • Create 2D sketches on mesh planar faces
  • Project mesh edges and vertices into 2D sketches
  • Use Section View in both part and assembly
  • Use the measure distance or angle commands on mesh geometry
  • Use the Assemble, Joint, and Constrain commands on mesh geometry
  • Assign appearances to mesh objects
  • Define and use view representations

Inventor 2017 what’s new working with mesh data video:

Here is a link to the Fit Mesh Face workflow:


Full list of constrain option for mesh geometry:

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