Davis Tech: Blind Students Learn CNC Machining

July 27, 2021

1 min read

Davis Technical College in Kaysville, UT wants to make a career in manufacturing accessible to everyone. That is why they created the CNC Enhanced program that provides opportunities for blind and visually impaired students to learn CNC machining skills and work at innovative and forward-thinking companies in industries like aerospace engineering. The students in this program have overcome great obstacles to attend class each week, including long commutes on public transportation. These inspiring students from Davis Tech, as she shares demonstrate motivation, gratitude, a drive to learn, and a hunger for a rewarding career.  

Follow Marley Passey, one of these inspiring students, as she shares the obstacles she’s had to overcome, the machines and technology that spark her passion, and her excitement for the future. 

Marley Passey, a visually impaired student at Davis Technical College, builds CNC machining skills for a career in aerospace engineering.