Five Benefits of Aligning with an Autodesk Learning Partner

Sarah Fisher Sarah Fisher September 21, 2021

3 min read

While change is a constant in life, the pace of global change over the past few years has left many grappling with how to keep up, including within academia. More than ever, today’s generation of students is facing a future full of professional uncertainty—and professional opportunity. Skills that were once guaranteed to be professionally relevant are now shifting, leaving students and educators wondering how to prepare when the future of work feels like a revolving door. 

Enter Autodesk Learning Partners (ALP). Learning Partners are pre-qualified to support students and educators, preparing them for an evolving future through learning content, training, and curricula specifically developed toward industry trends in the design and manufacturing landscape. If you’re still feeling hesitant, here are five reasons an educator or school would benefit from aligning with an Autodesk Learning Partner. 

1. Learn with a Trusted Partner 

Learning Partners prepare students, educators, businesses, and consumers to explore profoundly different ways to design, make, and use things. Learning Partners nurture members of the workforce—at any point in their career—to thrive in a future with increasing demands to make and build better, with less negative impact on the world.  

Learning Partners choose from specialized partner programs and resources to support their efforts and help students, educators, and professionals engage in continuous learning. Learning Partners equip students and educators with powerful design tools, content, training courses, and curricula to solve real-world challenges and upskill for the jobs of tomorrow. 

2. Find High-Quality Learning Across Industries 

Learning Partners deliver high-quality learning experiences to students, educators, and customers. Their comprehensive training courses and curriculum help learners increase product knowledge, prepare for certification exams, and achieve career goals.  

By connecting with a Learning Partner, you can explore both traditional and out-of-the-box learning offerings, including: 

Academic institutions can choose the Learning Partner that meets their needs through an Authorized Training Center or Authorized Academic Partner who will tailor their services to the educator, student, or IT administrator’s learning path. 

3. Get Support Focused Specifically on You

If you are a student, Learning Partners can bridge the gap to access the industries in your future. They offer collaboration opportunities, focused conversation, support for certification exams, student competitions, and a commitment to connect with the student. Learn new skills, build important relationships, and gain practical experience. 

If you are an educator, our Learning Partners will help you prepare learning paths to support students’ requirements to earn certification badges and successfully pass certification exams. Their learning services also include: 

4. Learn from Autodesk Certified Instructors with Product Mastery and Instructional Skill  

Our Learning Partners maintain a professional staff of Autodesk Certified Instructors recognized by our worldwide learning community. 

Autodesk Certified Instructors (ACI) are credentialed professionals with the product knowledge to meet industry standards and lead courses in instructional settings. ACI badges earned by instructors are issued and validated by reputable organizations. Certified Instructors are required to annually renew their ACI credential by meeting training course requirements, instructional performance ratings, and maintaining their Autodesk product knowledge.   

5. Access Global, Best-In-Class Learning Experiences 

Companies that specialize in educating Autodesk customers are recognized as Autodesk Learning Partners. Learning Partners meet Autodesk’s high standards of performance to deliver superior learning experiences in a variety of contexts, including remote or in-person learning. Autodesk Learning Partners also provide learning services in over 30 languages, with a worldwide footprint in over 200 countries. 

Learning Partners are creative, passionate, and powerful resources for you and your organization. Work with a Learning Partner today and discover what’s possible.