• A Time For Gratitude

    November is National Gratitude Month in the US, which is a perfect reminder to embrace gratefulness and all it can bring. Often, this can be seen as a directive to be grateful for something, like family, health, or good luck. However, gratitude can also be an active practice, independent of the current conditions of life. […]

  • Pencil grips from student at Waterloo Central School District

    How the make:able Challenge Enables Accessibility with Empathetic Design

    National STEM Day is just around the corner, offering the perfect opportunity to reflect on the ways STEM education prepares students, imparting the skills they’ll need to imagine and create a better world. Technological advancements are accelerating change across industries and a STEM-focused curriculum supports students to get ahead of these shifts, not just keep […]

  • Engineering student working with 3D printer

    High School Class Saves District $1 Million using Fusion 360 and 3D Printing

    What do you get when you put educators, student engineers, and an HVAC system together? Up to $1 million in savings. This is what the school district in Beaverton, Oregon estimates they will save after engineering students at Sunset High School found a solution to an ongoing issue with their aging HVAC systems. Volume modular […]

  • TUM Boring

    Not-a-Boring Competition Winner TUM Boring

    When Elon Musk tweets about traffic inefficiencies, people listen—including a team of 60 highly motivated students from the Technical University of Munich (TUM). Their team, called TUM Boring, are creating the world’s fastest tunnel boring machine, a step toward disrupting the future of transportation. Founded in 2016 by Elon Musk, The Boring Company’s mission is […]

  • Grant Eshima Program Specialist at Kimochi, children, and senior collaborate in Tinkercad

    How Bay-Area Senior Citizens Preserve Culture Through Teaching 3D Design

    Bay-Area nonprofit Kimochi created a program to connect seniors with children in the community using technology as a common ground. The program teaches seniors the useful skills of 3D design and printing, which they impart to the kids. 

  • Matthew Swabey

    Bechtel Innovation Design Center at Purdue: Transcending Tradition

    With the goal of streamlining designs and processes within the Bechtel ecosystem, Swabey trusts students to run new CNC programs at full speed due to a mistake-proof method referred to as the digital twin method. The process begins by requiring students to import models from other software into Autodesk® Fusion 360® for manufacturing. It is only populated with the models of equipment and tools available in the center and contains tried-and-true manufacturing parameters, effectively creating a digital twin of the essential parts of the machining process.

  • Fusion 360 workshop

    Five Benefits of Aligning with an Autodesk Learning Partner

    Learning Partners are pre-qualified to support students and educators, preparing them for an evolving future through learning content, training, and curricula specifically developed toward industry trends in the design and manufacturing landscape. If you’re still feeling hesitant, here are five reasons an educator or school would benefit from aligning with an Autodesk Learning Partner. 

  • Industry Convergence at the Center of Women’s Health and Smart Technology

    A diverse team of hackathoners has come together to innovate in the risk-averse world of medical device development. Georgia Tech students Alex and Girish (computer science majors), Rhea (computer engineering major), and Netra (biomedical engineering major) make up the SmartCup team that participated in the HealthTech hackathon in March 2021.  The SmartCup team wanted to […]

  • Fusion 360 3d model of a cereal dispenser designed by Julio Garcia

    Snapshot of an Innovator: Julio Garcia and the Amazing Cereal Dispenser

    When Julio Garcia came down for breakfast one sunny Texas morning, he never expected a simple bowl of cereal to be the source of inspiration that would catapult his motivation to create. After helping his 7-year-old brother, who struggled to pour himself a bowl of cereal and milk without spilling, Garcia thought to himself: If […]

  • Danville Community College: How a Two-Year College is Altering the Face of Manufacturing

    Danville Community College (DCC), in the Virginian town of 41,000 people, is altering the perception of two-year colleges—one student at a time.  The reality of skyrocketing tuitions at four-year universities has caused students to rethink their academic futures. Community colleges like Danville are resurfacing as excellent alternatives to the traditional, and expensive, four-year university track. […]