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  • Fusion 360 workshop

    Five Benefits of Aligning with an Autodesk Learning Partner

    Learning Partners are pre-qualified to support students and educators, preparing them for an evolving future through learning content, training, and curricula specifically developed toward industry trends in the design and manufacturing landscape. If you’re still feeling hesitant, here are five reasons an educator or school would benefit from aligning with an Autodesk Learning Partner. 

  • Fusion 360 3d model of a cereal dispenser designed by Julio Garcia

    Snapshot of an Innovator: Julio Garcia and the Amazing Cereal Dispenser

    When Julio Garcia came down for breakfast one sunny Texas morning, he never expected a simple bowl of cereal to be the source of inspiration that would catapult his motivation to create. After helping his 7-year-old brother, who struggled to pour himself a bowl of cereal and milk without spilling, Garcia thought to himself: If…

  • A person scraping off rough edges on a 3d printed ribcage

    Somerset Community College Uses Generative Design as Distinguishing Factor in Curriculum

    It all started with Heather Beebe’s skull—her 3D printed skull, that is. Beebe was a pre-med student collaborating with Eric Wooldridge, professor and head of the additive manufacturing program at Somerset Community College (SCC)in Kentucky. Together, they worked to3D print an actual MRI scan of Beebe’s skull, with the goal of helping to illustrate innovative…

  • Professional Skills Help Solve Real World Problems

    Twice a year, the Autodesk Foundation invites Autodesk employees to apply their expertise through Pro Bono Team Consulting Projects to support nonprofits and startups addressing social and environmental challenges. Learn about a pro-bono project at a girl’s school in Rwanda that helped solved a real-world problem. Read the full article here.

  • New “Year 13” Program Brings Technical Training, College Credits and Job Pathways to Boston Public High School Graduates

    In an effort to help bridge the opportunity gap, Boston-based Digital Ready is launching “Year 13,” a new program for Boston public high school graduates. In partnership with Wentworth Institute of Technology, and with support from the Barr Foundation and City Councilor Michael Flaherty, this initiative will provide a no-cost, accelerated pathway into college and future career paths related to architecture, engineering,…