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  • Top 5 Autodesk Learning and Certification Highlights from 2021

    In November 2020, the Autodesk Learning and Certification platform was launched, a new single-destination platform providing flexible, digital, and data-informed learning experiences.

  • Man and woman working in a CAM lab

    Where Mentorship and Internship Intersect

    Autodesk offers mentorship opportunities internally and to students, fostering connection and lifelong learning.

  • Students Play Their Way into Learning with Contest-in-a-Box

    It’s that time of year where leaves turn and the motivation to finish out the semester inevitably goes into early hibernation for the winter. Adding the complexities of online or hybrid learning, students are facing real barriers to remaining engaged with their schoolwork as the semester winds down. This makes it more important than ever […]

  • Keeping Pace with Job Trends in Construction and Manufacturing

    Research shows how job trends will impact the skills required for students to enter tomorrow’s workforce.

  • A Time For Gratitude

    November is National Gratitude Month in the US, which is a perfect reminder to embrace gratefulness and all it can bring. Often, this can be seen as a directive to be grateful for something, like family, health, or good luck. However, gratitude can also be an active practice, independent of the current conditions of life. […]

  • Pencil grips from student at Waterloo Central School District

    How the make:able Challenge Enables Accessibility with Empathetic Design

    National STEM Day is just around the corner, offering the perfect opportunity to reflect on the ways STEM education prepares students, imparting the skills they’ll need to imagine and create a better world. Technological advancements are accelerating change across industries and a STEM-focused curriculum supports students to get ahead of these shifts, not just keep […]

  • Fusion 360 workshop

    Five Benefits of Aligning with an Autodesk Learning Partner

    Learning Partners are pre-qualified to support students and educators, preparing them for an evolving future through learning content, training, and curricula specifically developed toward industry trends in the design and manufacturing landscape. If you’re still feeling hesitant, here are five reasons an educator or school would benefit from aligning with an Autodesk Learning Partner. 

  • Empowering Educators with the Autodesk Education Plan

    Educators can easily onboard students to Autodesk products, free of charge, no matter how they plan on hosting their classes. This enhancement allows educators with confirmed educational eligibility to access 125 single-user subscriptions for each Autodesk product available through the Education plan and assign these subscriptions to eligible students.

  • Fusion 360 3d model of a cereal dispenser designed by Julio Garcia

    Snapshot of an Innovator: Julio Garcia and the Amazing Cereal Dispenser

    When Julio Garcia came down for breakfast one sunny Texas morning, he never expected a simple bowl of cereal to be the source of inspiration that would catapult his motivation to create. After helping his 7-year-old brother, who struggled to pour himself a bowl of cereal and milk without spilling, Garcia thought to himself: If […]

  • Working in the CNC Machine Shop at the Autodesk San Francisco Technology Center. Joseph Jastreboski using Fusion 360 to prepare his milling project on the Matsura MX-330 machine.

    Make Your Advanced CAM Experience Official with Fusion 360 Certifications

    We would like to invite you to apply to participate in an Autodesk beta exam. Take advantage of early access to our newest certifications covering industry-validated advanced workflows in Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM).   Autodesk beta exams are key part of our certification exam development process and put you first in line to add our newest certifications to your résumé, […]