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  • BattleBots

    Glitch and the BattleBots Las Vegas Competition

    Over the past two pandemic years, many students had to start college virtually—not the ideal entry point for most. In the fall of 2020, and Katherine How entered the University of California, Berkeley, mid-pandemic, and had to figure out how to connect to her new school and classmates from her home in Canada. The story […]

  • Phil Kopsaftis in front of self-repaired amplifiers and synthesizers.

    One Student’s Path From Work to School and Back Again

    Transitioning from the safe cocoon of academia to the wide-open plains of professional life can intimidate anyone. With industries and skillsets transforming quickly with Industry 4.0, the journey can feel foggy and it’s easy to get lost in the grind of it all. But there are many ways to get from point A to point […]

  • “Make It Modular” Circular Design Scholarship Contest

    Imagine your community as a material bank, rich with resources to reuse. This describes the circular economy model, which makes the built environment sustainable by upcycling waste, circulating existing materials, or regenerating nature. Through a new scholarship contest, Autodesk is challenging high school students to apply circular economy principles, reusing a shipping container to design […]

  • Humanmade

    Advanced Manufacturing Jobs Certification

    Manufacturing is undergoing a digital makeover. This accelerated digitization of a traditionally “offline” industry has created a growing skills gap—and manufacturing professionals increasingly need both mechanical and software skills with certifications to succeed. That’s where Humanmade comes in. Home to San Francisco’s first advanced manufacturing training center, Humanmade offers the hands-on training, tools, and facilities […]

  • ASEE American Society for Engineering Education and Autodesk

    A Lesson-Plan Contest That Stokes Positive Social Change

    Gen Z is on track to become the most educated generation yet—many of whom are budding social entrepreneurs looking to solve problems in their communities. As an educator, tapping into this passion is a great way to get your students excited about using their engineering skills to bring about positive change in the world. To […]

  • Autodesk Industrialized Construction (IC) Curriculum

    What is Industrialized Construction? Amid a booming global population, rapid urbanization, finite natural resources, and the reality of climate change, the current built environment is neither scalable nor sustainable to meet the global demand for buildings and infrastructure. To mitigate these issues, architects, engineers, contractors, and owners have started a movement to embrace industrialized construction (IC), which […]

  • UTC Robotics

    University Technical Colleges (UTCs) and STEM-Based Education in the UK

    What are University Technical Colleges (UTCs)? In 2009, University Technical Colleges (UTCs) were established in the United Kingdom as STEM-focused, government-funded institutions advocating for a new approach to education. Their mission? To help students move beyond linearity into a more dynamic, do-it-yourself learning environment that focuses on the application (versus the theory) of skills. University […]

  • Reimagining Manufacturing Education to Close the Skills Gap

    As an Education Fusion 360 Technical Program Manager and trained machinist, Tim Paul knows a thing or two about how the current student experience may play out for the future of manufacturing. He argues that manufacturing education is due for a major overhaul for students to tackle the growing skills gap as Industry 4.0 becomes […]

  • Top 5 Autodesk Learning and Certification Highlights from 2021

    In November 2020, the Autodesk Learning and Certification platform was launched, a new single-destination platform providing flexible, digital, and data-informed learning experiences.

  • Man and woman working in a CAM lab

    Where Mentorship and Internship Intersect

    Autodesk offers mentorship opportunities internally and to students, fostering connection and lifelong learning.