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  • Make some space event

    How digital tools can contribute to more sustainable construction projects

    In order to plan and build sustainable cities that meet demand, we will need to rethink both how we plan and build. However, we also need to create more efficient processes to make this possible. To see how we can meet all the challenges we face, Spacemaker brought together people from the industry in Stockholm […]

  • A photo of a brick building with windows, with the shadow of a tree thrown across it.

    Sixty-year-old regulations regulate daylight requirements of Finnish residential buildings

    Hanna Vikberg, architect at Tengbom Finland and Raoul Lindberg, Product specialist sales executive at Spacemaker shine the spotlight on daylight, and why architects and urban planners can give it the attention it deserves during early phase planning.  In Finland, the daylight conditions of residential buildings are defined by regulations from 1959. These regulations define daylight […]

  • Screenshot of an urban planning proposal with sun analysis in SpacemakerScreenshot of an urban planning proposal with sun analysis in Spacemaker

    Smart and Liveable City Studio

    This spring, Spacemaker was used by students in the course Smart and Liveable City Studio at Aalto University in Espoo, Finland. The course was organised in collaboration with the City of Helsinki. The focus of the course was on planetary liveability to address the recent national and municipal level goals of carbon negativity. Finland has […]

  • Europe’s Urban Centers Provide Visions of Smarter, Greener Future Cities

    From Vienna and Paris to the small German town of Lemgo, discover the destinations now setting the agenda for smarter, greener future cities.

  • Amy Bunszel and Carl Christensen reflect on the highlights of this huge year since Spacemaker joined the Autodesk family.

    Amy Bunszel and Carl Christensen reflect on the highlights of this huge year since Spacemaker joined the Autodesk family.

  • Healthy cities, healthy people

    Architects, planners and developers now have a new tool in their toolbox to help them design with sustainability in mind from day one.

  • Making urban planning decisions faster and smarter

    The complexities of developing a site means that a mind-boggling number of decisions need to be made on any given day. Decisions that need to consider deadlines, regulations, requirements, stakeholder interests and more. Making the right decisions at the early phase of real estate development is crucial for getting your project off on the right […]

  • Architects and our tools: A return from user to creator

    We architects love sketching, and for good reasons. It’s the shortest path from mind to design. No software, no updates, no booting up, no filters. The idea lands on the paper as quickly as you can think of it.  To everyone else around the dinner table our mad scribbles on the tablecloth may look like […]

  • “A digitalized, data-driven and iterative workflow is the future of urban planning”

    How generative design can become a real game-changer for the AEC industry. ‍ We recently launched Explore on the Spacemaker platform, the next generation of our generative design feature, which opens up many new opportunities for architects and urban planners. Explore marks a significant evolution of the software, and the journey to this point has […]

  • Early stage daylight analysis with Spacemaker

    Over the last year, we at Spacemaker have researched, developed, and implemented daylight analysis for the early stages of urban planning. Over the next months, we will release a series of blog posts about daylight, in which we describe in more detail how the analysis works within the Spacemaker platform and the reasoning behind the […]