Top AU 2020 Sessions for CAD and BIM Managers

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The job of a Technology Manager is always changing. There are new updates to install, new processes to implement, new team members to train, new hardware to consider.

Still, the past year and a half brought more disruption and change than usual, learning to live with our new normal. Technology managers at companies, large and small, had to step up and, in many cases, accelerate the adoption of new tools and approaches that enabled teams to take care of business from anywhere. From real-time video collaboration to cloud-based data management, from immersive design review to remote site management, teams honed new ways to work and developed new ways to make and build. Along the way, people discovered how powerful these processes can be, which means many changes are here to stay.

So, for those who set the standards, manage the subscriptions, upgrade the systems, and make it their job to make sure that others can do their jobs, enjoy these AU 2020 sessions. The sessions are focused on task automation, account management reimagined, immersive design for remote teams, and expert tips to help you, as there is always something new to learn!

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