Top Autodesk University 2021 Classes for Technology Managers

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In early October, Autodesk held its annual design and make conference, Autodesk University (AU) 2021, for a second consecutive virtual year. The global learning experience brings together innovators from around the world and provides an opportunity for experts within architecture, engineering, construction, product design, manufacturing, and media and entertainment to discover emerging technologies and advance their respective industries.  

Over the past two years, Autodesk has taken significant steps to create a more relevant user experience centered around named users and brought to market a flexible, cloud-based licensing solution for occasional users. If you are an administrator of Autodesk software, learn about these recent developments through the two AU 2021 classes below:   

Busting the Top Myths About the Transition to Named User 

If your company is currently on network licenses, including multi-user subscriptions, and considering the transition to named user, you may be concerned about the time and effort required to make that move. You’re not alone—over half of eligible customers have already transitioned and have lessons learned to share. We’re ready to bust the top myths about user management, licensing, and authentication to help make it a smooth shift for your organization. We’ll bust common myths about how long it actually takes to add and assign users and switch license type from network to named (even remotely!) and discuss how to keep using supported previous versions post-transition, and more. 

Key learning objectives: 

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Flex or Single-User: Which Is Right for You?  

This session is for administrators who would like to better understand Flex, our newly launched pay as you go option. Learn how Flex works and how you can use tokens to give your users efficient access to the products they need. To help you optimize your software costs, we compare Single-User and Flex and demonstrate how to use a mix of both types to meet your needs. 

Key learning objectives:  

Watch On Demand (23:37 run time) 

Did you miss a session? Browse the AU website library for on demand recordings of the 2021 keynotes, general sessions, and expert-led classes. You can filter search results by year, conference, product, topic, industry, and more.