Gear up for spring-cleaning with usage reporting

Doug Abt Doug Abt April 13, 2023

3 min read

It’s that time of year again. You’ve got to clean out the garage, re-pot your plants, and put away the winter gear for Spring Cleaning. As technology admins, you might also want to take the time to reassess your software usage and user assignments as part of your spring cleaning efforts to ensure you’re getting the most value from your Autodesk software. 

Usage reporting is available to all admins on all plans and helps you better understand which of your users are actively using – or not using – Autodesk software. Your usage report is intuitive and easy to use, giving you quick access to know the status of both subscriptions and Flex plan users.  

Accessing the Usage Report is Easy 

Head to your admin account, and under Reporting you can take a look at the Usage Report to see: 

With individual user summaries a mouse-click away, you can get in-depth information about the usage habits of all your users, so you can differentiate frequent and occasional users. From there, you can reassign users to match their level of usage.  

For example, if one of your users on a Standard plan is averaging only a few days per month accessing Autodesk products, you might consider moving them to a Flex plan to optimize cost savings. On the flip side, if you notice that you are regularly running out of Flex tokens, there may be an opportunity to reassign Flex users to a subscription plan – improving the experience and efficiency of those users needing more time with their Autodesk product access. 

The usage report is designed to help you get insights into their team’s Autodesk product usage, so you can make informed decisions about plan assignments and optimize your budget. So, now that you know how to check the Usage Report, how do you reassign users? 

Assigning Users 

Primary, secondary, and Single-Sign-On admins can make assignments. With three different ways to choose from, it’s easy to make assignments by product, user, or group. Let’s break it down: 

Assign by Product:  

In your admin account, select an Autodesk product under User Management and select “Assign Users.” From there, you can enter user email addresses and customize which products they will have access to. To remove a user’s access to a product, select “Unassign” next to the user you wish to remove. 

If you are looking to assign a large number of users at once, you can import a Comma Separated Value (CSV) file by clicking “Import to Assign” on the same screen in the following format: 

First Name Last Name Email Address 
John Smith 
Alice Wonder 

Assign by User:  

In your admin account, select a user under User Management to view the Autodesk products that can be assigned to them. You can choose to assign access to all product services or specify individual products for user access. To remove a user’s access to a product, select “Unassign” to remove their access to the product. 

*Assign by Group:  

Groups are an easy way to organize and assign products to multiple users at the same time, instead of doing it one at a time. In your admin account, you can select a group under User Management to make assignments. Select “View Assignments” and you will be able to assign or unassign users in that group to the same products at the same time. If you want to learn more about creating or editing groups, see Manage Groups

You can also learn how to make individual and bulk assignments with step-by-step instructions. Learn more about your Usage Report and reassigning users. 

*Note: Admins using classic user management can only assign and unassign products and services by user. See Assign and unassign products and services in classic user management.