Learn more about the new Usage Report

Doug Abt Doug Abt February 7, 2023

1 min read

A new reporting feature is now available in Autodesk account: Usage Report. With Usage Report, you’ll be able to view all your users’ product usage on one page, whether they are on subscriptions or Flex. The new Usage Report will be available to all admins on all plans. 

Under the reporting section of your account, you’ll see a snapshot of important details for both subscriptions and Flex, such as: 

This will help you save time by having a single report with usage across Flex and subscriptions. 

Scrolling down, you can also see a list of users displayed with at-a-glance summaries, like what products they’re using, the average of days of use per month, or the number of Flex tokens used. This can help you distinguish frequent users from occasional users and optimize their assignments. 

For example, if you notice that a user is only using a product a few days a month on AutoCAD, you can assign them to Flex instead.  

You can also click down into a user’s page for more details. 

In addition, you can apply various fields to filter your data further, such as products, teams, or access type. If you would like to export your data for further analysis and insights, any filters you applied will also carry over to the export. 

The new Usage Report shows all your users’ product usage in one unified view. This can help you more easily see trends to make better informed decisions, such as which users might benefit from being on Flex or subscription, when to purchase more subscriptions or tokens, or which inactive subscriptions you can reassign.

You’ll see this new feature in your account when it is launched; check back again for an update on when it will be available.