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Under the Hood - All things PDM and PLM

Autodesk Vault: Improve Engineering Productivity

February 22, 2016

Keeping your design workspace and company files straight can be very messy.  But, to be productive with your engineering files, it is crucial.  I think your virtual workshop is just like the shop floor or your home workshop.  You have tools, current projects, and even past projects all in the same space. In a clean, well-organized shop it can be easy to walk in, find what you need, get your stuff done and then cleanup with no problem.  Everything has its place.  But if you aren’t organized, the system starts to break down.

If you spend the energy and money it takes to get organized, it pays for itself many times over. Looking for tools, tripping over equipment, or having a dirty work area makes most of us cringe.  But, this is exactly how many engineers work – their design files are scattered all over the place, unsure where the latest version lives – virtual trash everywhere!

Stock organized workshop

Look at the alternative. With a proper data management tool you can easily go back and find files from years ago that someone else worked on. Imagine logging in, searching by a description, maybe even the project name and boom….there it is.  The project, all the designs, and all of the extra documentation from vendors as well.  Reuse is then made even easier – if you want the entire assembly or just some of the sub-assemblies, you can start the new files with new names capturing all of the complex file structure in one go.

Go high five that engineer who faithfully typed in a description and bothered to check in the files where they go….


– Tyler Beck, Technical Marketing