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Under the Hood - All things PDM and PLM

Using Data Management with Autodesk Inventor

February 3, 2016
As a designer and engineer, managing files isn't the reason for going to work everyday.   But for Vault administrators and power users, it is in fact a great reason to get out of bed.   As a CAD Administrator, I found that I had to be an ambassador for using the tools in place, I had to argue the merits of data management.  If you find you must do the same…. here are a few reasons to stop:
  • Loosing files.
  • Searching all morning for a file.
  • Having no record of revisions or releases.
  • Having no way to track change or progress of a file or project.
  • Sharing designs with different groups and sites inefficiently
Below is a video highlighting some of the value you'll find in a proper data management tool.

 – Tyler Beck, Technical Marketing