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Across all editions of Vault, there are 21 different roles that comprise of 140 different permissions. What are roles? Roles are a group of permissions combined and assigned to a user or group so that they can perform specific commands or actions within Vault. A few examples of roles shown below.

Role Details
Document Consumer Read-only access to files and folders only, including the job server queue.
Document Editor Level 1 Basic file adding and editing privileges within the vault, also add/remove file and folder user-defined properties, but cannot delete files and folders.
Document Editor Level 2 Full privileges within the vault, also add/remove file and folder user-defined properties.
Document Manager Level 1 The privileges to change category, lifecycle, and revision assignments, and to edit user-defined properties.

A permission authorizes users or groups to perform specific actions such as checking in a file, creating a change order or editing a custom object. For instance, a Document Consumer has the permission only to Read a file, but a Document Editor can check-in and modify a file.
• File Check In
• File Check Out
• File Create
• File Delete Conditional
• File Read
• File Rename
When multiple roles are assigned to a user or group, they act like a union combining all permissions allowing the user to perform all permissions that each role authorizes them to perform. For example, if a user is assigned the Document Editor Level 1 and Document Manager Level 1 roles, they have all the permissions of both roles.
The permissions given to a user or group by the roles they have been assigned will be the permissions in all Vault that user or group is allowed to access. Further security must be controlled by the Object or State based security settings on the objects within the vault. The permissions to that specific object will not be reflected in the Effective Permission tab on the object when checking security for the user. If you assign a user a Document Consumer role but give them Modify permission on an object, they will not be able to modify that object because the Document Consumer role is a ready only role in the vault.
To see a full matrix of the roles and permissions assigned, use this excel sheet for reference.

Download Permissions Per Role matrix – Vault Pro 2018

Irvin Hayes Jr.
Product Manager

Irvin Hayes Jr.

Irvin is a Product Manager on the Autodesk Vault team based in Novi, Michigan. He helps partners, consulting and sales develop Vault deployment plans in enterprise environments and system requirements. You can find multiple classes Irvin has presented at Autodesk University, ( on a wide range of Vault topics. Irvin is a technology geek and loves sharing with the community on Twitter (@ihayesjr) and Flipboard Magazine. Disclaimer If you need an official Autodesk company response or a contact for press-related activities please contact Autodesk Public Relations. The posts on this blog are the authors' own personal opinions and do not represent their employer's view in any way. In addition, their thoughts and opinions often change, and as a weblog is intended to provide a semi-permanent point-in-time snapshot you should not consider out-of-date posts to reflect their current thoughts and opinions.