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Under the Hood - All things PDM and PLM

We’ve had five, yes FIVE!, updates to Fusion Lifecycle so far this month.   I want to make sure everyone knows about this latest feature, as the project management tab has been top of mind for me lately (I just recorded my AU2020 class all about New Product Introduction).  You now have the ability to filter the Add Items dialog by revision in the Relationships and Project Management tabs.

The above will be beneficial if you’ve set up relationships to revision controlled workspaces in those tabs.

Another tidbit you’ll find is we’ve added the Quick Preview card to the Affected Items and Grid tabs.

You can learn more about customizing the Item Preview Fields in the Help.

Bonus tip!  This ability to filter on the relationship tab came from a submission on our Ideas forum.  Quite a few other customers weighed in on the value of the idea and helped the product team with the feature development.  I encourage everyone to submit product improvement ideas on the Fusion Lifecycle Idea Board and take some time to review existing ideas.  Your comments and suggestions help shape the future of the product!


Michelle Stone