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Under the Hood - All things PDM and PLM

Have you checked out the Fusion Lifecycle App Store lately? The team has been hard at work adding several new apps to the App Store and I’d like to highlight some of them here.


What is the App Store?

The Fusion Lifecycle App Store is a collection of free, ready-to-implement workspaces that contain business processes and templates. Think of it as a great starting point to get extend your use of PLM across your enterprise. They need to be added by an admin and can be tested out before going live.

The on-line help has detailed instructions for setting up these new apps that were recently introduced.  Administrators can review details about the workspaces the apps contain, what work needs to be done to configure them for testing and subsequent deployment.

Change Management App

The Change Management app now in the app store is another take on how Fusion Lifecycle can be configured. Change management enforces control over revisions to designs, items, and records during the many phases of the product lifecycle—from development and production through end-of-life. This new app differs from the one that comes in the default configuration. If you are just starting your implementation, it’s worth a look at another approach. In particular, I like the optional capability to define standard Change Task Templates to provide a level of standardization.

Quick Release Process App

A great compliment to the Change Management app is the Quick Release Process app. This app enables you to manage preliminary releases of your designs in a very easy manner – and still provides full traceability of your product’s maturity at the same time.

Claim Management App

One way to become more efficient in understanding product defects is to have a robust process around issues with product performance.  The new Claim Management app allows claims to be logged and tracked within Fusion Lifecycle.

Customers are much more likely to do business with you again if their claims / complaints are resolved to their satisfaction. Tracking customer claims allows a company to understand the financial impact of claims as well understanding which products may require further product development to mitigate the number of claims and improve customer satisfaction.

Any administrator with access to a Fusion Lifecycle tenant can view and install apps. Keep in mind you may have to perform some configuration changes to link it to existing workspaces in your tenant configuration. In particular, if you use the Quick Release Process app, you’ll need to make adjustments to the Lifecycle Editor.

Have an idea for an app? Let us know on the Fusion Lifecycle Ideas forum.

Michelle Stone