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Autodesk Vault 2022 Deep Dive: User Management Enhancements

Michelle Stone
May 26, 2021

We made a lot of improvements with our Autodesk Vault 2022 release to make the lives of administrators easier! We’ve modernized your overall admin experience. This includes authentication options, replication, and enhanced user and group management. Now you can optimize deployments and manage your teams more efficiently.

User Interface

We’ve made it so that you can view and manage users and groups in one interface. There’s no need to switch between various dialogues! Administrators can now set a friendly user display name to quickly identify which user created or modified an object in Vault. The administrator can map the friendly display name to file properties and CAD title block attributes.

vault user group management

Profile Attributes

Another improvement is the ability to create and add custom attributes to users and groups. In the video example below, we show creating a new one to capture ‘location’. A relevant use case for this is mapping this to an Active Directory attribute.

Autodesk ID Support

Again, you asked, and we listened. Based on our Vault Pro customer analytics, more than 70 % of the customers enable Active directory integration with Vault user & group management.

To align with other Autodesk services, you might be leveraging today like Shared Views, Fusion 360, or BIM 360, Vault 2022 supports Autodesk ID Authentication as an additional option along with Vault User and Active Directory support. With multi-authentication support, an administrator can choose the best way for the Vault users to log in and access the data.

autodesk vault log in options


In the 2022 release, we changed the replication technology so that the Publisher is the only read\write location in the environment. This change improves usability by eliminating the need for object Ownership and improve replication stability and reliability.

replication technology for Vault 2022

See the on-line help for further details on the replication technology enhancements.

Learn more

Learn more about what else is new in Autodesk Vault 2022 by watching the on-demand webinar. You’ll see how Vault 2022 continues to deliver a more modern, connected, and insightful experience for all users.

Michelle Stone