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Now Available: Autodesk Vault 2022 Add-in for SOLIDWORKS

Senthil Kumar
May 10, 2021

We’ve released the Vault 2022 Add-in for SOLIDWORKS. With this new release, we now support SOLIDWORKS 2021 (SP2) and SOLIDWORKS 2020 (SP5). We are no longer supporting SOLIDWORKS 2018.

Using this app, SOLIDWORKS files can be stored, maintained, updated, and version-controlled in Vault Professional along with other files from Autodesk applications. This allows a group of users to work concurrently on designs without the fear of overwriting modified files or working on the wrong version of a design.

Client : Autodesk® Vault 2022-Add-in for SOLIDWORKS®-Client
Server: Autodesk® Vault 2022-Add-in for SOLIDWORKS®-Server

What’s New for 2022

We’ve added Vault Details dialog box. Changes that you make in Vault Client are immediately reflected in SOLIDWORKS which saves a lot of time and streamlines the design process. It can be invoked via the Vault Ribbon or context menu in Feature Manager. This is valuable as it keeps the user in canvas in the CAD tool.

BOM Enhancement

We’ve improved the BOM tab experience. The Row Order numbering is now supported.

Autoloader Enhancement

We’ve added new functionality called “Upload parent files containing different child versions in the selected Vault folder”. If this option is checked, you can upload parent files with different child file version which already exists in the Vault destination folder. The existing child files are not replaced in Vault. If this option is unchecked, you can’t upload parent files if some child files already exist in Vault.

If you want to learn what else is new in the Vault 2022 release, watch the on-demand webinar!

Senthil Kumar

Senthil is a Product Manager on the Autodesk Vault team based in Singapore. Senthil has 20 years of experience in CAD/CAM industry and he is with Autodesk for the last 15 years. He worked as a QA, QA Manager and Product Owner before moving into Product Manager Role. Before joining Autodesk Senthil worked for Autodesk Resellers, Delcam and PTC. Disclaimer: If you need an official Autodesk company response or a contact for press-related activities please contact Autodesk Public Relations. The posts on this blog are the authors' own personal opinions and do not represent their employer's view in any way. In addition, their thoughts and opinions often change, and as a weblog is intended to provide a semi-permanent point-in-time snapshot you should not consider out-of-date posts to reflect their current thoughts and opinions.