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Have you ever needed to access design and engineering data while on the jobsite or away from your workstation? The Autodesk Vault mobile app allows you to work with your vaulted design and engineering data on your mobile device anywhere, anytime.

The mobile app is a companion app to the Autodesk Vault desktop client; it does not replace the Vault desktop client. The application is available for iOS and Android devices and provides access to a subset of the functionality available in the desktop version of Autodesk Vault. With the app, you can view, search, and share vault data from your mobile devices, including engineering designs, documents, and other data.

In addition, the app includes collaboration tools that enable you to share and collaborate on Vault data with other team members. Many document consumers need to access vaulted data. Document consumers may not have a dedicated workstation to access vaulted data, so accessing the Vault on mobile devices makes it easier. You can use the app with your colleagues on the shop floor to collaborate on a design for manufacture or off-site with your customer for a design review.

The app helps you to create a new change order directly from your mobile device. You can add a record or attachment to the change order. You can securely track and control the data when away from your workstation.


The following Vault components are required to sign in to the Vault mobile app:

  • A subscription to one of the following editions of Vault:
    • Vault Professional
    • Vault Office
  • Autodesk ID without entitlement for Read-only access
  • A Vault Professional server.

Download the Vault mobile app

Navigate to the app store for your device and download the Vault mobile app. You can find it in the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store as Autodesk Vault Mobile.

The app is currently available for Apple devices using iOS version 12 and higher and Android devices using Android version 8.0 and higher.

How to update the mobile app

When an update is available, you can download the latest version through the devices app store.

Sign in to the mobile app

Depending upon the entitlement, you may have full access to Vault mobile app or have only limited access to view files and data. If you have an active Vault Professional or Vault Office license and have an entitlement to the Vault mobile app, you can sign in with the Autodesk ID, access the Vault mobile app, and explore the full functionality.

Note: You must have a valid Autodesk Vault account and must have the appropriate permissions to access the data you want to view and manage.

Don’t have a license or entitlement? Not to worry. If you don’t have a license or an entitlement, you can still sign in to the Vault mobile app with read-only access. With read-only access enabled, you can only view files and data but can’t create or edit files. To learn about requirements for signing in to and using the app, view Start Using the Vault Mobile App.

Tour the Interface

Let’s now explore the Vault mobile app interface to learn where you can locate the design and engineering data.

The TabBar displays all the workspaces for the user to navigate to – Items, COs, Explorer, Files, and Settings. Data is organized into tabs, for example, Properties, Bill of Materials, History, and Records. Switch between different workspaces and tabs to access, organize, and share your design data.

  • Items – The Items tab lists the items in the Vault. Select an item to display its item details.
  • COs – The COs tab lists change orders in your worklist by default. Select a change order to display its change order details.
  • Explorer – The Explorer tab lists the files and folders in the Vault. Select a file to display its file details.
  • Files – The Files tab provides insights on file activity in the Vault.
  • Settings – The Settings tab displays information and options for configuring the Vault mobile app. You can control specific behaviors for thumbnail, activity, search, and visualization. For more information, see The Settings Tab.

Select the Sort icon  to change sorting parameters or adjust the list.

Select the More icon  to display a list of actions. The Items, COs, and Explorer tab contains two separate more icons: one at the top of the items list and one in item details .

The Search here only searches for objects specific to the environment that it is in. Select the Search Options icon  in the search bar to access other types of search, such as advanced searches. You can multi-select files in your search to move, delete, or select/deselect all files in bulk.

Access data from the mobile app

In the app, on the TabBar, navigate to Items, CO, or Explorer environment and choose the file you want to work with. The mobile app allows you to search and navigate your Vault to work with your design data, BOM items, lifecycle states, and change orders on the go. Browse your design file structure to find the relevant files or attachments that document your design.

The mobile app can interface with other apps on your device. You can interact with data in a variety of ways, including viewing, downloading, and sharing.

What you can do while working with Vault data

  • View the contents of a file in the Vault.
  • Save data to your device locally or open it in other mobile apps.
  • Share data by sending links to objects and copies of files.
  • Superimpose annotations on a design or drawing in the viewer.
  • Print a design from the viewer.
  • Change a file’s lifecycle state.
  • Add files, items, and change orders to your favorite.

You can refer to Vault Mobile App FAQ to view answers to frequent questions about the Vault mobile app.


This post co-authored by: 

Jyoti Patwal
Sr. Content Experience Designer


Irvin Hayes Jr.

Irvin is a Product Manager on the Autodesk Vault team based in Novi, Michigan. He helps partners, consulting and sales develop Vault deployment plans in enterprise environments and system requirements. You can find multiple classes Irvin has presented at Autodesk University, ( on a wide range of Vault topics. Irvin is a technology geek and loves sharing with the community on Twitter (@ihayesjr) and Flipboard Magazine. Disclaimer If you need an official Autodesk company response or a contact for press-related activities please contact Autodesk Public Relations. The posts on this blog are the authors' own personal opinions and do not represent their employer's view in any way. In addition, their thoughts and opinions often change, and as a weblog is intended to provide a semi-permanent point-in-time snapshot you should not consider out-of-date posts to reflect their current thoughts and opinions.