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Autodesk Vault SDK Getting Started #3 – Custom Job

Markus Koechl
March 13, 2024

Autodesk Vault Professional includes automation capabilities known as Job Processor. Job Processing includes a server-side component (Job Server), the Job Queue, and a Job Scheduler. Job Processors are Vault Clients that log on to the server and pick up jobs for execution. Many job types are available as a default but might have good reasons to build your individual custom job.

The SDK template “API Onboarding – Custom Job” provides a pre-coded starting point for new custom jobs. Watch the video below on how to use this template.

The video focused only on initiating and registering a new custom job. For more details on the next steps, leverage the AU Autodesk Vault Programming 101 class. The AU sample implemented a job creating and attaching STEP files for Inventor assemblies; Vault Professional 2024 added this job type as a default, but you may find other export types in a comprehensive code sample on my personal GitHub repository Vault-Sample—InventorExportAnySampleJob

This blog is article number #3 of the Getting Started series:

#1 Installing the SDK and a first look into its content

#2 Creating a Vault console/standalone application

#3 Creating a Custom Vault Job

#4 Creating a Vault extension handling events and restrictions

#5 Discussing Vault Login, including authorization and licensing




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Markus Koechl

Markus Koechl is a Solution Engineer for PDM|PLM based in Central Europe. In this role, he focuses on Vault software, its interfaces, and extensibility. He supports Autodesk resellers, prospects, and customers in analyzing and optimizing workflows and practical approaches to managing design data and downstream processes. Markus is often found on the Vault Customization Forum - always ready to share experiences and best practices.