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Autodesk University is pleased to announce the winners of the AU 2010 Speaker Awards. These highly-coveted awards go to the speakers who receive the highest scores from AU attendees based on surveys completed after the class, either by email or using the kiosks at the conference. The surveys included questions about both content and presentation.

Hands-On Lab. This award goes to the speaker with the highest rating for a hands-on lab class.

dave espinosa-aguilar for Fundamentals of Lisp.

Lecture. This award goes to the speaker with the highest rating for a lecture class.

dave espinosa-aquilar for Becoming an AutoCAD Power User.

Newbie. This award goes to the highest-rated first-time AU speaker.

Gayle Rose for The Need for Transient Cooling.

AU Virtual. This award goes to the AU Virtual speaker who receives the highest ratings. We're disappointed that we can't make this award for 2010.  Survey participation for AU Virtual  was very low. None of the classes received the minimum number (25) of surveys that we had established as a criterion for getting meaningful feedback on any given session and to making the award.

The Autodesk University team congratulates the winners, who will receive $200 Amazon gift certificates for each award. It's speakers like dave and Gayle who make AU so special, and we really appreciate the efforts they put into developing and presenting their classes.


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  1. AvatarRod

    Any word on when the speaker rankings will be released?

  2. AvatarAndrea

    I was so impressed at last year’s virtual AU, I couldn’t wait for this year. Unfortunately, I need to agree completely (on every point) with Lloyd. I was only able to watch one of the dozen virtual classes I had scheduled. The rest I intend to download and will hopefully get to… someday. Too bad, I am sure there were some awesome presentations.

  3. AvatarLloyd Leeper

    I suspect you didn’t get enough surveys for any one virtual class simply because the virtual experience was so bad. Most of the classes we tried to watch live were completely unwatchable because of technical issues: jerky video, audio dropouts, and scheduling problems pretty much left us with a feeling of wasting two days. Just finding a class was hassle enough. The launch timer was always off from the start of the actual class; we missed the first 10 minutes of every class we wanted to see. One class we wanted to watch was supposed to start at the top of the hour, the launch timer wouldn’t let us in until 15 minutes after the hour, and the lecture was over at 22 minutes past the hour. How can we rate that?
    I’ve downloaded gigs of video and info for the classes we wanted to see, and hope to schedule some time to get everyone together to watch them, but several classes weren’t recorded (even the virtual classes). Several classes appeared to have been edited by the high school AV club: there’s quite a few with several minutes of “dead air” while we wait for the lecture to start – this couldn’t have been cut? Where’s Autodesk’s much-ballyhooed video editing suite?
    On the whole, we’d have been better off if there was no virtual AU, and more time was put into just recording lectures/labs/presentations and giving them some kind of polish to make it worth actually downloading and watching.
    Autodesk has it’s work cut out to try and convince me to attend next year.