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Maintaining the high-level of quality that attendees have come to expect from AU sessions is very important to us. Since the very beginning, we have asked attendees to provide us with feedback on every single session they attend. We want to know how attendees feel about technical content, speaker preparedness, and session materials (among other things), and we ask them to rate each category from 1 to 10. The highest possible rating is 10.

This year, we received feedback from 49.7% of all attendees of all sessions and the average speaker rating was 8.44.

The AU team takes these results seriously. Generally, to be invited back as an AU speaker, the presenter must receive at least an 8.0. We do make exceptions to this rule if comments clearly indicate that something beyond the control of the presenter happened, such as a fire alarm (which happened a few years back) or software installation issues.

The highest rated speakers are recognized with the AU speaker award and this year’s five categories were Hands-on Lab, Small Lecture (< 200), Large Lecture (> 200), PowerTrack, and First Time AU Speaker. All presenters received a near perfect score. So without further adieu, the winners are:

Category Speaker Session Rating
Hands-on Lab Jeffrey McGrew Model to Marvelous Goes Mental: Realistic Approaches to Photo-Realistic Design Visualization with Revit® 2009 9.77
Small Lecture Jerry Winters Creating AutoCAD® Jigs in VB.NET: An Introduction 9.71
Large Lecture Lynn Allen 90 AutoCAD® Tips in 90 Minutes 9.60
PowerTrack Session Matt Murphy Blockbusters: Unleashing the Power of Dynamic Blocks in AutoCAD®—Revealed! 9.75
First Time AU Speaker Jarrod Bauman From Contract to Construction Documents with Revit® MEP 9.46

Congratulations to these outstanding presenters. I would also like to congratulate JC Malitzke. JC had the highest-rated session at this year's AU: 9.80 for his “Compelling 3D Features in AutoCAD” hands-on lab. A minimum of 25 responses are required to qualify for the AU speaker award, but only 24 were turned in for JC’s session. Sorry JC…but you know you still rock.

Interested in becoming a speaker next year? Provide us with your contact information by filling out this VERY SHORT form and you will be in the loop when we kick off AU 2009 sometime in early March.

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