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The Exhibit Hall
If you missed any of the attractions, demos, or activities in the Exhibit Hall today, check out this 1-minute video. It’s a virtual sprint through the entire exhibit space.


Innovation Forum: The Future of How Products Are Made
This morning, we reflected on trends in product manufacturing, from the growing complexity and interconnectedness of our products to the democratization of manufacturing. Functional prototyping is becomes faster and more accessible, and small companies are popping up to support new and changing needs. Designers can focus less on analyzing components in isolation and more on analyzing whole systems and satisfying business requirements.

We heard from investors like Renee DiResta, who invests in seed-stage technology startups, and innovators like Nikki Kaufman, the founder and CEO of Normal, creator of custom 3D-printed earphones. You can watch the Innovation Forum online anytime.


Innovation Forum: The Future of How Infrastructure Is Made: Systems That Serve an Evolving Society
How will be plan, design, build, and maintain the world’s infrastructure moving forward? Infrastructure challenges are becoming more difficult. Population growth, urbanization, and economic expansion underwrite a massive demand for new and replacement infrastructure over the next 20 years. Reality capture, BIM, cloud computing and other technologies become necessary as vast amounts of data begin to inform our work. We heard from Ben David of Illuminate the Arts, Wasiq Bokhari of QBotix, and Ira Winder of the MIT Media Lab. Watch the Innovation Forum online.


Technology Trends with Lynn Allen
Lynn sat down with our Platinum Sponsors to find out what they’ve got in the works. In this candid conversation with technologists at Amazon, Dell, HP, Intel, Lenovo, and Topcon, we considered a future that includes 3D printing with better, accessible materials; better prototyping and rapid product development; zero clients; and as always, devices that are thinner, lighter, faster. Andy Rhodes, General Manager of Workstations at Dell, spoke about the “smart desk” workspace concept which enables designers to use gestures and move away from the keyboard and mouse. Each of our panelists gave away an AU 2015 conference pass to an audience member.


AUGI Reception
Please join us for the AUGI Reception, tonight in the Exhibit Hall from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m. Enjoy a beer and mingle with thousands of your fellow AUGI members.


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