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Have 10 minutes and want to learn something about technology and where it’s headed? Want a mind snack instead of a full AU class mind meal? You’re in luck.

Introducing: the Innovation Zone.

At AU Las Vegas 2016, in addition to 700+ classes, panels, and workshops, we also tried something a little different. We set up a stage and invited diverse experts and innovators to share bite-sized bits of thought leadership. Sessions were never longer than 10 minutes and, as far as food for thought goes, they were pretty tasty.

We heard about everything from laser scanning for infrastructure to generative design for architecture, from additively manufactured bridges to next-generation fire alarms, from air filters that help prevent asthma to a company that converts human poop into charcoal briquettes (not kidding, great talk).

The first presentation from the Innovation Zone we’re sharing features Mouse McCoy and Felix Holst of Hack Rod, a project that “blends the custom culture of hot rodding and the renegade attitude of the hacker.” The story continues:

“Imagine that anyone can design and build a custom car, from the inside out. But the Hack Rod team’s vision goes beyond that. Using generative design, virtual reality (VR), 3D printing, and a cloud-based supply chain, the team is challenging the traditional approach to manufacturing.”

The Hack Rod is still in a work-in-progress, but check out Mouse and Felix’s presentation below. And if you’re still hungry for Hack Rod, help yourself to some seconds.

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