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Blockbusters—they’re the movies that pull out all the stops and all the tricks. Stars, amazing visuals, big set pieces, far-off locales, music and sound—they’ll use whatever it takes to make the maximum impact on viewers (and the box office).

At AU, we prepare a few blockbusters of our own every year, in addition to the hundreds of classes we offer for every industry we serve. These are the big events where we bring on the lights, the music, the stars, and the showmanship, where the goal is to “wow” the audience a bit while we educate and inspire.

So in honor of August, the month of the blockbuster, we’re featuring some of our snazzier and more entertaining moments from AUs gone by. (We’ll be sharing more on social media over the next few weeks.) So buckle up, sit back, and let’s take a ride.

The Bandito Brothers: Innovation Forum

Nothing says “blockbuster” like fast cars and wild stunts. Get ready for big time thrills as Mouse McCoy, founder and creative director of the multimedia studio Bandito Brothers, and stuntman Greg Tracy test the limits of physics by making real cars do the same tricks as Hot Wheels toys.

Hugh Herr: Opening General Session

A bionic man? Meet the amazing Hugh Herr, adventurer and rock climber who lost his legs in a mountaineering accident. He designed his own bionic legs with 6 microprocessors and 24 sensors that enabled him to return to his favorite sports. Today his innovative research at MIT is making possible a future where technology helps redefine what it means to be human.

Coming soon to AU Vegas 2016…

Are you a fiend for trailers and what’s next? If so, we’ve got a bunch of blockbuster sessions planned for AU 2016. Here’s just a sample:

  • Technology Trends Impacting Design, Work, and Life Itself—Join Autodesk Explorer-in-Residence Jonathan Knowles and guests from Amazon, Intel, Microsoft, HP, and more for a star-studded discussion of how technology is changing how we do…well, pretty much everything.
  • Construction Launchpad—If you work in construction, this is the place to see and hear about the latest and greatest projects and learn how technology is transforming the building process for greater safety and savings.
  • The Future of Making Things Live—Prepare to be wowed as our biggest Exhibit Hall partners present their latest projects in VR, AR, generative design, robotics, and 3D printing.

Tickets are on sale now! Join us in Las Vegas, November 15-17, to get your mind blown.


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