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Generative Design Jump Start: Content to Move Your Career Forward

February 20, 2018

Generative design—it’s when the computer not only assists in creation, but actually gets creative, generating thousands of solutions to requirements and goals you set. And it’s changing the game for designers, architects, and makers of all kinds.
Check out this short video introduction to get the basics.

Have you been seeing it in the news? We have. It’s making headlines in both manufacturing and architectural circles, as In the Fold reported.

Generative design is still in its infancy, so now is the time to adapt your skills and get the jump on what’s ahead. Here’s some great AU content to get you up to speed:

  • Design Space Exploration with Generative DesignLearn how to balance not only practical considerations like mass and mechanical loading but also aesthetic qualities, surface area, flow characteristics, and manufacturing methods.
  • Generative Design for Architectural Space Planning Generative design is an important tool for architects. This class explains how generative design was used to design the AU 2017 Exhibit Hall. Or check out the article speakers Lorenzo Villaggi and Danil Nagy wrote about the process.
  • Generative Design for the MaRS Autodesk Office Space in Toronto —Watch David Benjamin’s AU 2016 Innovation Zone presentation for a concise summary of the process used to design the Autodesk office space in Toronto’s MaRS district.

Want to hear more from Benjamin? Check out this interview with Architect Magazine.