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Last night’s well-attended AU Speaker Reception took place at the exotic nightclub Tao in the Venetian. In a darkened oriental-themed setting with multi-armed goddesses, loud rock music, and spinning lights, the speakers enjoyed themselves with lots of conversation and laughter. Servers wandered around offering drinks, 4 types of sushi, spring rolls, coconut shrimp with mustard sauce, grilled asparagus, and pork dumplings. Old acquaintances reconnected, and many made new friends.

Joseph Wurcher and Gary RosenThe speakers were joined by Joseph Wurcher, AU Program Development at Autodesk and Lynn Allen, Autodesk Technical Evangelist.

I had a great time talking to veteran speakers Jerry Berns, who is teaching “Enhance AutoCAD® Designs with Autodesk® Sketchbook® Designer” this year, and Jeanne Aarhus who is teaching 4 classes on-site in Las Vegas plus 2 AU Virtual classes.  How does she do it?

It was fun to meet some of the other speakers as well including Jim Balding, Gary Rosen, Brian Mackey, Denise Cox, Nate Bartley, Brian Juge and Ann Mazakas.

(from left) Brian Juge, Denise Cox, Brian Mackey, Nate BarleyJim Balding and Nauman MysorewalaMany thanks to Nauman Mysorewala, who helped me with the flash on my camera and without whom I could not have captured any photos of this event.


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