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As we wrap up our August-long coverage of blockbusters, AU-style, we thought we’d focus on a big part of any blockbuster: the stars. The talent that goes on the poster. The ones in the spotlight. The folks that can’t be replaced. When they join the production, it goes from being a movie about [whatever] and suddenly becomes their movie.

At AU, we have our own kind of superstars. Folks that come back year after year, people that can pack a room based in large part on who they are, what they know, and how they teach, lead, and inspire.

Sure, they may not be followed by paparazzi when they’re in their hometown. But for 4 days a year in Vegas, they’re rock stars.

This week, we’re featuring some classes from 2 genuine AU superstars. We’re also featuring additional AU classes on social media all week. So get your napkins ready for autographs—the stars are in the room.


Matt Murphy

There is only 1 Matt Murphy. The ponytail, the New England accent, the incredible depth of knowledge about AutoCAD. He’s spoken at AU 22 times, teaching more than 120 classes. He’s been the top-rated AU speaker 7 times.

There’s a reason: when Matt’s teaching, learning feels easy. His humor and spontaneity mask a rigorous focus on content that connects. Matt covers the curriculum, but with style and wit.

Check out his AU 2015 class, a deep dive into the efficiency-boosting power of tool palettes in AutoCAD. You’ll learn easy ways to manage blocks; ensure correct colors, layers, and line types; and create company standards. Pop your popcorn and enjoy.

The Productivity Power of AutoCAD Tool Palettes—Revealed


Paul Aubin

Whether you know him from the hallways of AU (his goatee is his trademark), from, or from his many books, Paul Aubin is a recognized master of all things Revit and a rising AU superstar. A member of the Autodesk Expert Elite, Paul returns year after year to fill us in on all the latest developments in Revit and to help us finesse the most challenging aspects of working in the software.

Whether he’s explaining how to recreate classical architecture, introducing students to Revit families, or breaking down the details about railings and stairs, Paul is as upbeat and empowering as he is informative. And he’s got a proven knack for breaking complex subjects down into simple steps.

If you’ve ever been flummoxed when trying to flex parametric curves in Revit, check out Paul’s AU 2015 class, which takes you step-by-step through the process of using the Family Editor to create reliable curves, simple or compound.

Taming Parametric Curves in Revit Family Editor


Register now to catch both these stars at AU 2016 in Las Vegas this November:

Matt’s classes

Paul’s classes


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