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December 4, 2019

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Visualizing your design accurately and functionally is one of the biggest challenges that we as engineers face on a daily basis. Bringing concept into reality is no easy task, at least, without the right tools.

Often a design doesn’t become real, even to the designers, until it is brought into reality in some light. CAD software and rendering engines have gotten pretty good at rendering designs in the modern era, even leveraging the cloud for data-dense renders. However, new technology, specifically virtual reality, has made it possible to envision our own designs and assemblies in the world we call home… reality.

Chances are if you’re reading this article, then you are at least aware of some of the options you have to bring your designs into VR, like Autodesk VRED. What you might not be aware of though is that while used heavily in the automotive industry, Autodesk VRED excels for designs that don’t have wheels, too.

Virtual prototyping is a term that seems futuristic but it’s currently a reality with VRED. For essentially any industrial design need, VRED is there with 3D product visualization and virtual prototyping tools. Aside from validating a design stylistically, you can also use VRED’s functionality for presentations and design reviews. What better way to sell a concept than by being able to experience that concept in pseudo (virtual) reality.

To start getting a feel for different ways that VRED can be utilized for product design, product visualization, and product demonstration, take a look at the video below and envision working with a product relevant to you in this environment.



While you probably think of VRED as a VR engine for the automotive industry, and it is just that, don’t limit this incredibly powerful tool to the industry where it’s most used. VRED can fit perfectly into your design workflow, automotive or not. Explore all of its potential here.


Written by:
Trevor English
Marketing Manager
Trevor is an experienced marketing and content creation professional who has spent his entire career helping engineering technology companies reach their customers through digital media. He currently works for Autodesk on the Digital Aquisition Team where he’s responsible for social demand generation for the AutoCAD and Design and Manufacturing families. You can also see his written engineering marketing content on InterestingEngineering.com, Curiosity.com, and other sites across the web.

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