Ansys and Autodesk in the design studio update

March 24, 2020

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Automakers are being challenged to create increasingly complex vehicles that seamlessly integrate infotainment, performance and safety features in a sophisticated user interface – all while meeting new regulatory requirements. To capitalize on disruptive technologies like autonomous driving and electrification, automotive executives need to understand the benefits of a streamlined design engineering workflow.

Autodesk and Ansys have teamed up to create a workflow that includes Ansys lighting simulation and Autodesk VRED 3D visualization to bring physically accurate interior and exterior lighting simulation to the design studio, empowering designers to preserve original design intent while enhancing design, visualization and simulation workflows.

Illuminate Designs

With ANSYS VRXPERIENCE Light Simulation, combine design and engineering processes into a single, connected workflow.

Part of a collaborative solution with Autodesk, Inc., VRXPERIENCE Light Simulation connects ANSYS’ physics-based lighting simulation with Autodesk’s automotive 3D visualization and virtual prototyping software (Autodesk VRED).

This unique solution delivers engineering-grade light simulation, to complement photorealistic visualizations of automotive interiors and exteriors with highly accurate light simulation.

Benefits for the Design Studio

How it works

VRXPERIENCE Light Simulation allows the integration of the optical subsystem simulation in ANSYS SPEOS from 3D design models, and then accurately render optical light properties in Autodesk VRED.

The design workflow improves product development by involving both designers and engineers. This enhances design quality and results in time- and cost-savings.

for more details, check out this video


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